15 October

Wednesday. . .

Since I’ve been doing PT in the afternoons, I didn’t even try to get up until 0630 this morning.  It doesn’t take me all that long to get my hair up and into uniform, so I was out at the bust stop by 0700 to catch the bus to the chow hall.  The bus system here is awesom.  You rarely have to wait more than 5 minutes or so to get a bus.  The buses for the various routes are very well marked and there are route maps at every bus stop.  It’s only 6/10 mile to the chow hall from where I live and I can walk it in about 10 minutes, but I’ve been taking the bus in the mornings when I have to get to class.  Then to get to class requires a different bus than from my room to the chow hall.

Once I got to the classroom, I stocked the fridge with water, got the coffee started, and stitched for 15 minutes.  During the morning, we continued working through the program and did a couple more PEs.  I ate lunch with SSG D again and ended up sitting and chatting the whole time so I only got about 10 minutes of stitching in before class started up again.  But that’s ok.  The afternoon was more of the same – talking through some stuff and then some PEs.

After class, I headed home and changed into PTs to go run.  I met up with SFC AC.  We had a nice 3.54 mile run in 36:06 (10:12 pace).  It was nice running with someone for a change, although I do enjoy running by myself most of the time.  Then it was shower and change and back to the chow hall for dinner  Then I went to MWR to get on the computer for a bit.  Then back "home" and I went and stitched and chatted with the Marines for a while.  I finished Seven Days of Creation!!!!  I started it on 15 Nov 2006 while I was in Afghanistan, and 23 months later it is done!  It took me 145.25 hours of stitching.  I plan on getting it framed eventually.  I’ll post a pic in a few days once I get everything caught up. 


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