14 October

Tuesday. . .

There was a 5K this morning and I had been looking forward to running it, but I slept through my alarm and didn’t wake up until just after 0700.  Yikes!  Because of that, I didn’t even get breakfast and I barely made it to class on time.  I was kind of disappointed that I wasn’t able to get up for the 5K, but I guess I needed the sleep.  At least I made it to class on time.  The first thing we did this morning was take a class picture.  I have it on my camera still, and I’ll share it eventually.  Then during the rest of the morning we talked about more processes in the PBUSE program and completed another PE.  I stitched during the breaks and after I had finished the PE while waiting for everyone else to finish.  Here’s a little about the class.  20 Soldiers.  2 Second Lieutenants, 1 First Lieutenant, 1 Sergeant First Class, 2 Staff Sergeants, 4 Privates First Class, and then the rest were Sergeants and Specialists.  There are 10 male and 10 female.

At lunch, SSG D came and sat with me and I had a nice chat with him.  He’s from Minnesota, so he has the accent that reminds me of home.  We talked about our families, softball injuries, our jobs, etc.  After we got back to the classroom, I stitched until it was time for class again.  During the afternoon we discussed more of the PBUSE system and did 2 more PEs.  I got 2 hours of stitching done today between breaks, lunch, and time after the PEs.  After class was done, I took the bus back (the one that goes direct this time – not the one I took yesterday) and got changed into PTs and headed out for a 4.23 mile run in 46:05 (10:54 pace).  It was slow, but I was sore from yesterday’s gym workout and the runs to and from the gym.  It was still a good run though.  Then it was shower/change/dinner.  SFC AC, a Soldier stationed at Balad, joined me at dinner as he had seen my running book on previous nights so he knew he had found a fellow runner.  We talked about running and about our families and stuff.  After I finished eating, I headed home and stitched for a couple of hours.  No MWR tonight – I didn’t feel like walking over there and waiting for a short 30 minutes.  While I was stitching, I got some compliments from the Marines that were out there as well.  I got in 4 1/2 hours of stitching today between class and this evening, and I was in bed by 2300!!

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