13 October

Monday. . .

I got up about 0630 this morning and got back into ACUs after having been in PTs since Thursday afternoon.  I headed to the chow hall for breakfast and then got on the bus to head to class.  I ended up volunteering to be the "driver" – running the power point slides and doing all the demo work on the computer that’s hooked up to the projector.  How did I get this?  The instructor asked "Who has had at least a year of PBUSE (the supply program we’re learning about this week) experience?"  I was the only one that raised my hand so I volunteered.  Go Band non-supply person.  LOL  It seems like a pretty laid back class and we get a 10-15 minute break every hour.  What do I do during the breaks?  Why, I stitch, of course!  Yes, I have a stitching project in the classroom with me.  I already got a lot of comments about it before we even went to lunch.  During the morning, we had a power point overview of the PBUSE program and we did introductions – you know, stand up and say who you are, what your job is (I’m the only  non-supply person in there), which FOB/Camp you’re at, where you’re stationed back in the states, etc.  We get an hour and a half for lunch, and it only took me 45 minutes to walk to the chow hall (a different one than breakfast), eat, and walk back, so I got a lot of stitching time as well.

After lunch, we started getting into the many sections of the PBUSE program.  PBUSE stands for Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced.  We completed Practical Exercise (PE) 1 during the afternoon as well, and were done about 1545 for the day.  On a side note, our instructor sounds like Jeff Foxworthy.  🙂  After we were done, I headed to the bus stop to catch the bus home.  I ended up on the bus for almost 40 minutes because I didn’t realize that the Ed Center was near the beginning of the route and it’s one of the longest ones and I had to ride the whole route.  I had a nice little tour of Balad though (that’s where I am).  Once I got back to my room, I changed into PTs and went for a 2.4 mile run to the gym.  I took a bit of a round-about way to make it a little longer of a run.  It took me 23:33 to run it, a 9:49 pace!  Once at the gym, I did a good upper body workout – shoulders, chest, back, biceps, triceps, and abs.  Then I ran 1.2 miles home in 10:05.  I took a direct route this time since I’d already had a good workout and it was dark.  Somewhere between the chow hall and my room I got an Oo-rah from a group of Marines walking to dinner.  That motivated me and I really pushed it for the last bit.  After a quick shower and change of PTs, I headed to the chow hall for dinner, and then to MWR for my nightly computer time.  It was nice getting to chat with Ryan – he had the day off from school for Columbus Day – and Dad and my friend KW.  I got through some e-mails and some of my cross stitch message board before my 30 minutes were up.  Then I headed home and got ready for bed.


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