12 October

I got up and actually went to breakfast this morning.  I’ve not really been missing anything with this chow hall here.  Then I headed up to the chapel for the Traditional Protestant service.  It was a really nice service and done with a female Chaplain!  That’s my first female Chaplain I’ve seen since I’ve been in the Army.  After that one was done, I attempted to go to the Lutheran Service, but the Lutheran Chaplain was on leave and there was no one to cover the service for him.  But at least I made it to the first service, so I had something.  đŸ™‚  Then I headed back to my room and I stitched outside for a couple of hours and then I went in and took an hour and a half nap.  Then it was back out for more stitching until it was too dark and I went to dinner.  After I ate, I went to the MWR for my 1/2 hour of computer time and then to the USO to call Mom &  Dad.  Once I got back to my room, I took my crocheting outside and working on the Christmas present that I’ve been working on.  I had to take it outside since the lights were off in the room early for a change.


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