10 & 11 October

Friday. . .
I slept until about 0930 or so and took my time getting up and to the shower and dressed for the day – in PTs.  I headed up to the PX area to the Beauty Shop.  I spent about 3 hours there and I got a facial (that was an hour – and oh so relaxing!!) and a pedicure and a manicure.  It was a nice relaxing time getting pampered.  Once I was done there, I stopped by the PX for a few things that I needed (forgot or just needed), and then it was back to my living area where I stitched in "my spot" until dark.  Then I headed to dinner  about 1745 or so.  After I ate, I went to the MWR and stitched for 30 minutes while waiting for a computer.  I used my 1/2 hour on the computer and got through a few e-mails and chatted with people and then it was back to my room where I crocheted for a bit before bed.

Saturday. . .
I slept in again this morning and then stitched until lunch.  After lunch I got changed into my swimsuit (and then PTs over it) and headed to the pool.  I met some guys from Ft. Wainwright, Alaska, who were waiting for their flight to the FOB they’ll be at, and I played volleyball with them in the pool.  That was a ton of fun, and the team I was on ended up winning.  We lost the first game, but then we came back and won the next 2.  It took me until the last game to figure out the serving thing.  I just could not get the ball to go over the net, so everyone had a good laugh about that.  After several hours at the pool, I headed back to shower and change and get my weapon (no weapons allowed at the pool because there’s no place to secure them) and I headed to dinner.  After dinner I went to the USO to call Ryan and Robbie – it’s always nice getting to talk to them!  Then it was to the MWR for my 1/2 hour of computer time.  The guys I had met at the pool had invited me to watch the Texas/Oklahoma football game with them, so I caught the second half of the game that Texas won.  It was an awesome game.  The MWR was has Salsa Night on Saturday nights, so I went to that, and I learned a few basic Latin dance steps and I danced a few songs.  Then I headed home to bed.

One thought on “10 & 11 October

  1. Hi Lani

    I was getting really worried when you hadn’t posted in a long time. You so deserve to be pampered and it is always worth it.


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