Another day done

Another day, another couple of bucks.  That’s one of my "signature" phrases I guess.  It was a pretty typical day.  Except I don’t go to the dentist every day after formation like I did today.  I went back for my 3-month x-rays to see how my fracture is healing.  Everything is looking good.  It’s not completely healed yet, but there has been much progress since my last x-rays in July and the dentist said that unless I have problems (pain, tooth starts to get loose, etc.) I should be good to go until I redeploy next year and have my next regular exam and cleaning.  So I guess that’s a good thing.  Then I spent the rest of the morning doing some supply stuff with hand receipts and other stuff like that.  I met my friend SB for pizza at lunch today and we split a stufffed crust pepperoni lovers and had a nice chat. 

After lunch we had salsa rehearsal with just the horns and we sight read through some new charts.  Some of them are really hard, but they’re great pieces and we’ll get them down.  Other than a lot of wrong notes, I was playing really well today.  But the wrong notes were because I was reading like 6 ledger lines at a super fast tempo.  But I was getting the rhythms right for a change and when I messed up, I just kept right on going.  It was a pretty good rehearsal, but tiring from doing the reading and stuff.  After rehearsal, I headed up to Battalion to see our property book officer as she had some stuff for me – paperwork, information about my class next week, etc.  Then I stopped by my room for a little bit to start packing for my trip for the class.  And then I headed back to the band hall to do a final e-mail check and wrap up a few other things.  Then I sat chow relief for the CQ and then it was off to dinner and then home for a shower and then crocheting.  I almost finished the Christmas present I’m working on – maybe an hour left to go on it.

I’m heading to bed now.  It’s been a long day.

Today’s high:  95
Current:  82 (11:00 p.m.)


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