Army “Baghdad” Ten Miler and more salsa

This morning started out with the 6th Annual running of the Baghdad Ten Miler, one of the official satellite races of the Army Ten Miler in Washington, D.C.  The race started at 0530 and it was about 71 degrees out.  It was beautiful weather for the race, nice and cool.  The 10th Mountain Division Band Rock Band "Avalanche" played at the start.  I had some tummy issues during the first half of the race and had to make TWO porta-potty stops.  So that added about 5 minutes to my time.  Around the 6 mile point, there was a HILL.  And not just a hill.  This hill was about 1/4 mile long and just went up and up and up and up.  It’s one of the highest points in our area.  Holy cow was I not prepared for that.  But I managed to run all the way up (although it kept getting slower and slower) and I passed about 6 or so people.  And there I was running up the hill and it just seemed like it was never going to end.  But eventually I got to the top and the turnaround point, so this big HILL that I just ran up, I got to run down now.  I did a controlled fall down the hill and just let gravity do its thing.  I hit about a 7:30 pace on the way down and then when it leveled out, so did my pace.  Part of the 4th Infantry Division Band was playing near the bottom of the hill, so I got to hear them play.  That pumped me up – especially getting up the hill.  I finally got near the home stretch and I made my second wrong turn of the day – yes, there had been one other intersection with no volunteers telling us which way to go.  The first one I turned when I should have gone straight – didn’t get too far off course there.  The second one, I went straight instead of turning and that was about 1/4 mile or so extra.  So I finally got back to the finish area, and I had run 10.51 miles between my 2 wrong turns and 2 porta-potty stops.  I asked a friend of mine what his GPS said and it was right at 9.98 miles – so it was a true ten miler for the most part.  My time was 2:02:59, which on a normal day would have been really slow.  But given my issues today, I’m happy with it.  And I didn’t finish last.  Of course, I wasn’t fast enough to get a t-shirt or goodie bag, but the sound guy from Rock Band is going to give me his shirt (the band members got shirts to wear as their uniform shirt for the gig).  I thought that was pretty nice of him.  They had some doorprize drawings after the awards presentation, and I won a scrapbooking kit!  I’m thinking I might use it for my races over here, but we’ll see.  That was pretty cool, though!

After eveything was done, I headed back to my room for a shower and a little bit of computer time, and then I crashed.  I had just run ten miles on about 3 1/2 hours of sleep.  I slept from 0900 until about 1230 and then I got up and ate some, did some computer stuff, and then stitched for a little while.  And then it was time to get into uniform and head to the band hall to get all our salsa equipment loaded on the truck for our gig.  They (MWR) had a latin karaoke contest and tonight was the finals.  We played 2 sets with the contest in between.  They had 4 pretty good singers in the finals, and the female ended up winning.  She did really well and she knew her song.  She didn’t look at the computer at all for her words.  We played well again, and lots of people dancing while we were playing.  Not many in attendance, but those that were there sure enjoyed it!  Set up and tear down/packing/loading are going much quicker now that more people are learning how to pack the sound equipment.  I don’t just do music stands anymore.  I know how to wrap mic cables as well.  🙂  We got back to the band hall and unloaded the truck and got everything put away shortly before 2300.  Several of us stopped by the chow hall to get breakfast for tomorrow morning and then it was on to my room.  Now I’m chatting with Ryan and about to head to bed.

Today’s High:  93
Current:  80 (11:55 p.m.)

4 thoughts on “Army “Baghdad” Ten Miler and more salsa

  1. I can send you my shirt, too! It sucks that you didn’t get one. 😦 According to my GPS, we actually ended up running 10.2 miles. The weather was *perfect* (WAY better than last year). It’s funny how crowded it gets, though–this is one race where it NEVER clears out! It was incredibly well-organized, though, and everyone seemed to be really honest w/their prediction times, so the seeding worked out well. I’m glad the weather was a bit cooler for you, and I’m sorry to hear about the tummy issues! 😦

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