The Palace Roof, A Salsa Gig, Morning Off & Inventories

It has been a whirlwind the past couple of days.  Yesterday morning after formation and doing some stuff and sending some e-mails, I headed up to Battalion to turn in some paperwork and show a weapon that needed to be seen for an inventory (we’re borrowing it from another company while one of our weapons is awaiting repairs).  I finished there and headed back to the band hall and took care of a few more e-mails.  And then it was lunchtime and I headed over to the Al-Faw Palace.  One of the guys in Joyful Noez has access to the roof and is allowed to take friends up there.  So several of us from JN met and we went up to the roof and had a great time up there.  I took a ton of pictures, but they’re still on my camera.  Hopefully Sunday I’ll get them uploaded and do a blog of pictures.  It was a perfect day for it as well – sunny and blue sky!

After I was back to the band hall, I continued working on my computer and got more supply issues taken care of.  I’m short handed in my supply shop right now – so short handed that it’s pretty much just me.  Finally 1530 rolled around and it was time to load the truck for our salsa gig.  We got everything loaded and then walked over to the stage on our camp and got everything unloaded and set up.  Once we were set up, we were released for dinner, so I headed over to the chow hall with some of the guys.  I pulled my wallet out for my ID card, and my drivers license was looking at me from my wallet.  That’s never a good sign.  So I walked all the way back to the band hall and retrieved my ID card from my computer (we use them to log on with) and walked back to the chow hall and was finally able to join the rest of the band to eat.  After we ate, we went back for sound check and then everything got started.  Just like the last gig we did, there were some dance demonstrations of different Latin styles and we played 3 sets with the dancing demos during our breaks.  The gig went REALLy well and there were probably 300 or so in attendance.  It was an awesome crowd, and the dance floor was pretty much full all the time we were playing.  We played really well, other than a few minor glitches here and there.  One glitch was not our fault.  The power went out during the first set in the middle of one of the songs.  It was out for a few minutes and we got power back for our electronic instruments (bass & keyboard) and the sound system, but the lights weren’t back up yet.  We made do with a few flashlights held however we could and still play.  By the end of the first "flashlight song", the lights were back up and the show continued.    You do what you have to do and make the best of each situation in which you find yourself.  šŸ™‚

By the time we finished our 3rd set, got everything torn down and packed away and loaded onto the truck and back to the band hall and unloaded and put away, it was about 2330.  Several of us headed to the chow hall for midnight chow.  I was hungry after all that playing and some dancing and I hadn’t eaten much for dinner as I can’t play on a full stomach.  We hung out in the chow hall for a while laughing and talking and then we headed home.  I was TIRED and pretty much went right to bed – hence no blog last night.

Now onto today. . .

I slept in this morning since we (salsa band) had the morning off.  It was nice to just sleep and get up and relax.  I did some stuff on my computer and I even got an hour of stitching in.  I had grabbed cereal and milk from the chow hall last night (another reason for going to midnight chow) and I ate that about 1030 or 1100.  I headed up to the band hall in time to be there by 1300 so I wasn’t late.  I spent the afternoon doing supply stuff.  I did computer work.  I printed out paperwork.  I did e-mails (only 19 in my inbox since yesterday afternoon).  I did filing until SPC T offered to help me out and I was very appreciative of her help.  I got everything laid out for our monthly cyclic inventory.  Chief and I went through and did the inventory.  I got everything put away in the proper place.  I did more e-mails.  I got to drive the Ford F-150 again, and I went to CIF to exchange some uniforms for Soldiers.  I picked up some paperwork from the Theater Property Book Office.  Once back, I got paperwork in order and filled out, and got Chief’s signature on what needed his signature.  I made copies of paperwork.  I did more e-mails.  What an afternoon!!  But it sure was a productive one.

Then I headed to the chapel for Joyful Noez rehearsal and that went well.  We have awesome songs for this week again.  It was nice being there even though I won’t be singing on Sunday due to another salsa gig.  Then it was off to the chow hall for dinner and laughing and talking.  And then SB walked me home so that I wouldn’t have to walk by myself.

Now I’m chatting with Ryan for a little bit before I head to bed.

Today’s High:  89
Current:  77 (10:20 p.m.)

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