It’s only Wednesday??

This sure seems like a long week already.  Are you sure it’s only Wednesday??  I managed to sleep in again this morning.  Tomorrow I will be back out running at 0530.  So it was a usual wake up, computer, get ready, breakfast, formation kind of morning.  We had three promotions during formation this morning, so that was kind of exciting!  AM was promoted from Private First Class to Specialist, JS was promoted from Specialist to Sergeant, and JG was promoted from Staff Sergeant to Sergeant First Class.  What a great day for all of them!  After formation I did some stuff in my office (started working on ADO for October) and then went with Chief and Top over to Battalion for a few supply-related things.  We took care of about 4 or 5 things on one trip over there, so it was definitely a productive trip.  Top had to stay for another thing and Chief and I stopped by the living area on our way back, both for different things.  I needed to pick up my watch from my room.

Once we got back to the band hall, I took care of a few more supply things before settling down with my stitching for a little while.  After lunch we had Salsa Band rehearsal again and that went pretty good.  We should be fine for our gig tomorrow evening.  Then after rehearsal, I worked more on the ADO stuff, updated my containers for the month, and took care of a few other things – like bringing my watch over to the jewelry shop where I discovered they will change watch batteries for $5 and that included the new battery and the labor!!!  Soon it was time to go to dinner and then after I ate, I went back to the jewelry shop to pick up and pay for my watch, and then back to the band hall to call Mom at work.  She sure was surprised!  We had a nice chat for a while but since she was at work she couldn’t talk super long.  Then it was home to shower and wash my hair and then crochet.  I started on Christmas presents tonight so I can’t discuss what I’m making and you won’t be seeing any pictures.

Off to bed now so I can GET UP AND RUN in the morning!

Today’s high:  85
Current:  78

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