I love Saturday mornings when I can sleep in guilt-free!  I got up about 0730 and got ready and headed to breakfast and formation.  I have no idea what I did this morning.  None.  I was on my computer and I probably did some e-mails and checked property book stuff.  But I really have no clue.  I stitched at lunch.  Then after lunch we had a class on Noncomissioned Officer Evaluation Reports (NCOERs) at the chapel.  Parts of it were interesting, but for the most part I knew everything from before.  Then it was back to the band hall for the rest of the afternoon which was kind of short since there was another Dodgeball tournament and the band had a team in it.  I wasn’t playing this time, but I did go out to cheer them on.  After they won their second match (lost the first one), I headed to dinner and then home to change into PTs.  A group of us got together to watch a movie and hang out to support a mutual friend who is going through some rough times.  That was fun but made for a late night.

Now I’m tired and heading to bed since it’s after midnight.

Today’s high:  96
Current:  84


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