Cleaning Day!

I slept in this morning!! I had set my alarm for 1000 just so I didn’t sleep all day, but I woke up about 0930. I did e-mail and message boards on my computer for a while. And then I started cleaning. I took all my race and other t-shirts out of my wall locker and a few other things. I emptied the 5 boxes that I had gotten from various people and put all the food into my 2 snack drawers and sorted other stuff on my bed. Then once the top of my tuff box was cleaned off, I opened that up and rearranged everything and then there was room for all the stuff on my bed that needed to go in there. I threw all the empty boxes out after cutting off my name and senders’ names. And then I changed the sheets on my bed! It sure is going to be nice going to bed tonight with clean sheets and a whole bed to use! You see, the pile of stuff on top of my tuff box had started onto my bed as well and the bottom corner of my bed has been piled up with stuff. Now to keep it neat. . .

Once I was done with my cleaning spree, I stitched for a little while – I started a new project today called My Patriotic Home. The chart is printed on pink cardstock and is kind of hard to read, but it’s going to be a great piece when it’s done! Then about 1240 I headed to the chapel for prayer shawl ministry. I finished my 3rd prayer shawl and started on my 4th one. As a group, we have about 7-8 more done, and 2 baby blankets as well! All too soon the 2 hours had gone by and we got the chapel classroom cleaned up and table and chair put away and I headed home. I stitched on a different project for a little over an hour before heading to the chapel for our worship service. It went well and then off to the chow hall for dinner after. Then I headed to the band hall to call Ryan & Robbie, but I didn’t go to Green Beans after. I was just blah and didn’t want to be around people. So I came home, and once I finish up my computer stuff, I’ll be heading to bed.

I haven’t posted this in a while, so here you go so you can see how I’m doing toward my goal of 1000 miles while in Iraq.

Today’s high:  89 (yes, you read that correctly)
Current:  82


One thought on “Cleaning Day!

  1. HI Lani —

    Here’s hoping your cleaning spirit comes and moves me. 🙂

    waves and hugs,
    RuthAnnCA (getting ready to pack your beautiful nametag for MB)

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