Hooray for Friday!

Not that it means anything around here, but it’s another Friday closer to being home (although it’s still months away).  I started off the morning with an awesome run.  I ran my usual 3.66 mile route at a 10:01 pace, 36:40 actual time.  It was my second fastest time on that route and I’m happy with that.  I felt good after – and my last push (about the last 200 yards I pick up the pace) there wasn’t much left so that’s a good thing.  I got to chat with Ryan for a little bit before he went to bed and before I went back to bed for a little while.  Then it was off to breakfast and formation.  After formation, I checked my e-mail and then headed up to the chapel by Battalion.  We had a class on Stress Management – part of our Deployment Enrichment series given by our BN Chaplain.  It was pretty interesting – talked about different things about stress.  After the class was done, I stopped by our Property Book Office to pick up some paperwork from our box in there and then I headed back to the band hall.

I met up with my friend DG for lunch and we had a nice chat over our salads.  Then after lunch I got my horn out and practiced for an hour and a half.  There was a nice cool breeze in my practice area, so that was nice.  It also helps that our highs only have 2 digits in them instead of 3 like we’ve had pretty much since we got here.  Then I spent the rest of the afternoon taking care of supply stuff, e-mails, a couple of ADO packages that came in, etc.  Then I headed to dinner and had a nice chat with NJ over shrimp and crab legs and then it was home to change into PTs and head to the chapel for Joyful Noez rehearsal.  Rehearsal went well and now I’m home and ready for bed.

Today’s high:  94
Current:  84 (11:20 p.m.)

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