It was a usual morning – sleep, get ready, chat/check e-mail & message boards/breakfast/formation.  After formation, we had ceremonial band rehearsal for a couple of gigs that we have coming up.  It was a good hour of going through marches and the US and Iraqi National Anthems.  Then I spent the rest of the morning helping SFC P clean out and organize our office.  We rearranged and cleaned the shelves and I put a few things in the quad cons to make more room, we moved some stuff out to the supply area, we cleaned the desk in the inner "closet" and got cable run (our computer guy did that) so that he can have a computer of his own in the inner part of the office.  Before we knew it, it was almost noon, but it sure looks a lot better in there, and now we eave have our computer and space to work!  I stitched for what was left of lunch.  After lunch I worked on some property book stuff – traded out a piccolo for a Soldier (the one she had been playing on decided it didn’t want to work very well), fixed some number problems, etc.  And then it was time for Salsa rehearsal to end the day.  It was a very good rehearsal even though we didn’t have most of our rhythm section, no vocalists, and no piano.  But we need to rehearse as much as we can with whoever we’ve got available since we have another gig coming up next week.

Then it was home to change into PTs and out for my weekly pizza night with KC.  That’s always a fun time.  It’s nice getting away a little and having a pizza and just talking about family, especially what his 2 daughters and my little guy are up to.  Now I’m home and chatting with Ryan and ppsassygrl  and a few other friends and I’ll be going to bed very soon.

Today’s high:  94
Current:  83 (9:50 p.m.)

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