9-11 Memorial Run

When my alarm went off at 0415 this morning, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why it was going off.  I hit snooze and went back to sleep for 4 minutes.  My alarm went off again and I woke up with a vague recollection that I had someplace to be but I didn’t know where.  Hit snooze.  Go back to sleep.  4 minutes later it goes off again, and I remember.  I have to go to work.  Ceremonial band played for the 9-11 Memorial Run this morning.  We had formation at 0530, but I got there early so I could get a good warm up and run through New York, New York before we had full band rehearsal for it.  Then we headed to the race start/finish area and got set up – we walked since it’s like 2 blocks away.  We played some marches and then at the appointed time we played the Armed Forces Medley.  Then at the start of the race we played New York, New York (you know, "Start spreading the news. . .").  Then we sat around for about 15 minutes while they ran (and I didn’t have a book since I finished a book yesterday and hadn’t gotten a new one put in my pocket) and then as the runners finished, we played New York, New York again, and a few other songs.  Then they did the awards and we were done.  We headed back to the band hall to get instruments put away, and that was it.  I stopped by the chow hall for breakfast on my way home, and I was back in my room by 0830 and back asleep shortly after 0900.

I got up about noon and got ready for prayer shawl ministry time.  I walked over to the chapel and we had a great 2 hours.  We had a rep from the Mountain View, the 10th Mountain Division’s almost-daily newlsetter, there to do a story on us, so we had media day number 2.  That was kind of neat – and always good publicity.  As always, the 2 hours flew by and we had a good time chatting and crocheting and knitting.  Then I headed home and stitched for an hour before  I had to get ready to go to the chapel for the evening service.  I was just about ready to leave when I realized I had forgotten to pick up my laundry earlier, and my Joyful Noez t-shirt was in there.  So I ran and got my laundry and grabbed my shirt out and headed to the chapel.  Set up.  Sound check. Warm up.  Prayer time.  The service was awesome – awesome music, big congregation (about 75 tonight!!), applause after the songs, awesome preaching (another 10th Mountain Chaplain this week – and another message about mountains.  Go figure.  LOL).  Then dinner and fellowship at the chow hall.  Then I went to the band hall and called Ryan and Robbie & Mom and Dad.  It’s always nice to get to talk to everyone and hear their voices.  Then off to Green Beans for Combat Spoons and more fellowship.

Now I’m heading to bed and hopefully I’ll be able to get rid of the headache I’ve had for almost 2 days now.  I’ll be back tomorrow!

Today’s High:  107
Current:  87 (11:25 p.m.)


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