Salsa Gig!!

Today was a pretty good day other than it started with a migraine (from what, I don’t know as I had 4 liters of water yesterday) so I didn’t go running.  So I slept for an extra couple hours to try and get rid of it.  I got up about 0730 and got ready and heading to breakfast, stopping to drop off a bag of laundry on my way.  After breakfast it was off to formation.  After formation, we got the sensitive item inventory completed now that everyone is back from missions.  Then we had Tuba Quartet rehearsal.  I’m playing 2nd Euphonium in this group.  We sightread a bunch of music from the folders and it went pretty well considering it was our first time playing together.  It was a lot of fun, but I definitely have work to do since it’s been a long time since I played euphonium with any regularity.

Pretty soon it was time for lunch, but before I left, I took care of a few things and got some paperwork to Chief.  Then I headed to the chow hall where I was meeting my friend DG to eat with her.  We had a nice conversation, and when we were done, I headed home as I was off until 1430.  I had planned on stitching, but I was too tired so I just played games at until it was time to head back to the band hall to get the truck loaded.  We got everything loaded and got on the bus and headed out for our Salsa gig.  It’s the start of Hispanic Heritage month and we have several salsa gigs in the coming weeks.  We got to the gig site (I read on the bus on the way there) and got everything unloaded and set up.  Then we headed to the chow hall for dinner – several of us brought back food for those that stayed with the equipment.  We got sound check done, and the evening began.  There were other things besides us, so it started with a dance demonstration of one type of Latin music and then we played our first set.  Then another dance demo and another set.  And another dance demo and our third set.  There were lots of people dancing while we were playing, and that always makes it even more fun to play.  AA (the other salsa trombone player) and I were even dancing during our rests while we were playing.  My salsa dancing is coming back to me – I learned back at Ft. Jackson when I was playing in a civilian salsa band.  The whole gig was a ton of fun and went awesome!  I hope we get a lot more Salsa gigs.

After the gig was done, we got everthing packed away and loaded on the truck and we headed back to the band hall.  The truck took a wrong turn or something and we got back well before they did.  Most everyone was released and a few of us stayed to unload.  We finished unloading everything back into the rehearsal hall shortly before midnight and then I headed back to my room.  It’s almost 0100 now, but I’m still too wired to sleep.  Soon though. .  .

Today’s High:  105
current:  87

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