Pictures today!

I slept until almost 0800 this morning.  And I didn’t rush to try and get to breakfast either.  We had formation up here at our living area this morning and then I headed to the Batallion for our weekly supply meeting.  I was the only Supply Sergeant there, so there was no meeting.  Then I went and attempted to turn in some paperwork at another office, but the lady I needed to see wasn’t there so I’ll go back some other time.  Then it was home for a few minutes and then back to our chapel for a meeting with the Command Sergeant Major.  That was short and sweet and then it was home for the rest of the morning.  I stitched some and I ended up taking a 20 minute nap before heading to the band hall for the afternoon.  In case you’re wondering, Salsa Band had the morning off since we got back so late last night.

Once I got to the band hall, I got my music ready for tomorrow’s rehearsal for Sunday’s gig.  I helped some Soldiers out getting some supply type things.  I got some hand receipts updated and some items transferred from one hand receipt to another because of a change of who is using what equipment.  It was a fairly productive afternoon.  About 1730 I headed to dinner and then home to change into PTs before heading to the chapel for Joyful Noez rehearsal.  Rehearsal went really well and we have an awesome set of music for this Sunday’s service!!

Here is a picture from the dust storm we had the other day.  Yes, that is what color it was outside.

Here is the trombone section from Grupo Histeria (our Salsa Band) during our gig last night.

I thought I had more but that’s it for tonight.

Today’s High:  104
Current: 87

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