Another day, another gig!

I went for a nice 3.66 mile run this morning.  I finished in 36:56.  It was a nice cool 81 degrees when I left out and boy did it feel nice!  Once back and showered and part-way changed, I went back to sleep for an hour.  I missed breakfast, but I have food in my room so I was ok.  Then it was off to work.  After formation, I took care of a few e-mails and then got ready for my Brass Quintet gig.  We played at a building dedication.  It was named in honor of a dog handler team – the handler and the dog were both honored.  The ceremony went well.  We got back midway through our lunchtime and I wasn’t really hungry so I just stitched until rehearsal at 1300 which actually was at 1400.  We rehearsed for an hour to get ready for our gig tomorrow evening.  Rehearsal went well.  Then I headed out for my running arounds.

I went to get my security badge, but I had to go some where else to sign a paper and get that entered into the computer.  So I walked there 10-15 minutes (after my 10-15 minute walk from the band hall to where I get the security badge), took care of the paperwork, and then walked back.  Keep in mind that it’s 1/2 to 3/4 mile each way.  The security badge guy got his stuff taken care of and took my picture and tried to print the card.  Well, his printer malfunctioned so he had to take some time to fix it.  He told me to come back in a little while – I had already told him that I needed to get to the Aid Station before sick call hours were over.  So I headed to sick call to have them look at my legs.  I got bit by mosquitos Wednesday evening, and I have some HUGE welts on my legs.  Our Battalion Medic looked at them, and he agreed that the smaller ones were probably mosquito bites, but he’s thinking the HUGE ones could be from sand fleas.  They sure itch, but I’m trying not to scratch them.  He gave me an antibiotic (Keflex) and Benydryl, so I’m going to be drugged up for the next 10 days.  Hopefully this takes care of it.  He said that if they get bigger then to go back in, otherwise just let the drugs do their things.

By this time it was already about 1720, and I still had to go to the chapel for Joyful Noez rehearsal.  I stopped by my room because I was HUNGRY and since I was here, I decided to change into PTs as well.  I headed to the chapel, and there were THREE of us at rehearsal tonight.  There was a big event going on at the palace, and a lot of people were there from our group.  So the two guys just played guitars and the three of us sang through some songs.  We don’t really have a set list for Sunday yet, but everything will work out.  We went to dinner about 1830 and now I’m home and heading to bed.  The Benydryl is kicking my butt.  I think I might actually be in bed before my roommate is tonight.  That’ll be a first.

Today’s high:  102
Current: 92


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