September 11th – Patriot Day – A Time to Remember

Today is Patriot Day.  September 11.  Seven years ago today our great nation came under attack and too many lives were lost.  I hope everyone took a moment to remember all those who lost their lives in this tragedy.  We did here.

I started off the morning with a 2.36 mile run with one of my Soldiers.  She is struggling with running a little bit so we (me and our squad leader) are working with her and Thursdays are my days to run with her.  We finished the run in 23:42.  Not too bad.  After we got back, I went up to KC’s office (he ran with us as well) and called Ryan to talk for a little bit.  Then it was back to my room to shower and change and get ready for the day.  I headed to breakfast early as we had formation at 0840 instead of our usual time.  We observed a moment of silence at 0846, the time the first plane hit the towers.  At 0930 my brass quintet had a short rehearsal to get ready for our gigs this weekend.  I ate lunch with SB today and we had a nice time chatting.  CH C and his wife joined us and that was nice too.

After lunch we did our monthly ammo inventory, and then I got ready to leave for our gig.  My Brass Quintet had a 9-11 Remembrance Ceremony on a neighboring camp.  We got there about an hour early, so I stitched for a while during our wait time.  Yes, I travel to gigs prepared.  It was very well attended – like a full house – and we got coins afterward.  Since the ceremony ended well before we thought it would and our bus wouldn’t be back for us for almost an hour, we ate dinner at the chow hall there.  That was nice and then our bus came and we got loaded and headed back to the band hall.  I got quite a bit of reading done on the bus on the way to and from the gig.  Once back to the band hall and we had gotten our stuff put away, we were done.  I headed home and showered and changed and took out my stitching.  It was a nice relaxing evening.  Now it’s bedtime!!!

Today’s high:  103
Current:  88 (10:10 p.m.)


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