Rehearsals and CQ

No running this morning as I had to go to breakfast early so I could relieve the CQ so he could go to breakfast.  So I got about 45 minutes of stitching in this morning before formation.  After formation, we had ceremonial band rehearsal for about 1/2 hour for an upcoming ceremony and then we had Brass Quintet rehearsal for the rest of the morning.  Both rehearsals went well.  Then at 1215 I took over as the CQ.  I read for a little bit at the beginning as a bunch of the guys were watching some fight on TV and the TV is on the CQ desk.  I decided I’d be nice and let them finish watching before I turned the TV off.  Once I got to the desk, I took out my stitching and I stitched until just before 1500 when I had to go to Stage Band rehearsal.  That rehearsal went well as well, so it was a good music day.  After rehearsal I went to dinner and ate with my friend DG who happened to be in there.  Then it was back to my post and I stitched the evening away.  I did close to 4 hours of stitching today!  Now I have the building locked and I’m about ready to go to sleep for the night, but I’m going to call Ryan & Robbie first to talk for a few minutes.

OH.  Let me tell you about how quick dust storms can come up.  I was walking back from dinner and DG was with me.  I stopped at a porta-potty and wasn’t inside but for a few minutes – less than 5.  When I came back out – OH MY!!  It was one of the worst dust storms since I’ve been here, and boy was it WINDY.  It was miserable walking back to the band hall – INTO the wind.

Today’s high:  106
Current:  96 (11:40 p.m.)