Prayer Shawl Blessing/Dedication

Today was a 2 church service day! I started the morning out by going to the 0900 service at Honor Chapel, the 10th Mountain Chapel. Chaplain Jones is our Battalion Chaplain, and that’s his service (one of them), and the service at which the prayer shawls are blessed/dedicated. Our first 12 prayer shawls were blessed & dedicated this morning and it was really awesome!! Chaplain asked me to stand up and talk about how I came up with the idea of starting a prayer shawl ministry over here and how we were doing and everything, so I had to talk a while. I’m getting better at speaking in public, thanks to always putting stuff out in formation at work and being a part of the praise team and leading the prayer shawl ministry. The prayer shawls were blessed during the Pastoral Prayer time. Chaplain received prayer requests from the members of the congregation, and then he invited everyone up to the front where the prayer shawls were draped over chairs. There were about 20-30 in attendance and most came up and we all laid hands on the prayer shawls and various people prayed over them. It was really cool doing it that way! We got a picture after the service with me and Chaplain Jones and SPC CT (our knitter in the group) and the shawls.

After the service I stopped by the post office to mail a couple of packages and then it was home to stitch on Lady of the Flag until it was time to head to our weekly prayer shawl meeting. The usual 3 – me, MJ, and CT – were there, and then about 15 minutes before we were done we had a couple of new ladies show up. One knits and the other wanted to learn how to crochet, so MJ got her started. As always, the 2 hours flew by and we had a great time chatting while crocheting and knitting. Then it was home again to stitch for a little while on Lady of the Flag before heading to the chapel for my usual service.

The service went well, and we had some great songs again. Our last song was Amazing Grace, but it wasn’t sung in the traditional manner. We sang it to the tune of "House of the Rising Sun". You should have seen some of the looks from some of the older folks in the congregation when we started playing that. It was like ‘HUH??". LOL And then it was our usual dinner at the chow hall followed by Combat Uno at Green Beans. I stopped by the band hall to make my weekly phone calls, and I got to talk to Grandma & Grandpa when I called Mom & Dad!!! They had stopped by to drop off some firewood for the sauna, and I guess my phone call and their arrival were perfectly timed. It sure was nice talking to them, and of course to Mom & Dad as well. Then I called my guys, and Robbie answered the phone again "Hi Mommy!" I love when he answers the phone when I call. He told me all about his birthday party and his new school and what he was coloring when I called and all kinds of stuff. Then it was "Daddy your turn". It’s always nice hearing their voices. Only a little over 4 months until I get to see them when I go home on leave. I’m looking foward to that.

Off to bed now so I can get up and get a shower in the morning before taking over as CQ.

Here’s a progress picture of Lady of the Flag. I have 168.25 hours complete now, and I’m no where near being done. I still have the bottom 1/3 of the piece to do once I finish the top.

And my running ticker. . .

Today’s high: 113
Current:  95 (12:15 a.m.)

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