Practice 2 Mile Run

This morning MST Bravo (aka Bravo Team) had a practice 2 mile run for our upcoming PT test – just to see where we are at.  I had a great run and I’m very happy with my time of 17:49.  It’s 20 seconds faster than my PT test the end of April before coming over here and only 30 seconds away from 90% and getting my PT patch (of course, I also have to get 90% in pushups and situps, but that shouldn’t be a problem).  I ran my first mile in 8:58 and my second miles in a little bit faster than that, so that’s a good thing!  I was back in my room early enough that I *could* have (and probably should have) taken an HOUR nap before having to get ready for the rest of the day.  But I crocheted for a while and read a magazine for a while.  And of course, I did computer stuff.

Then it was off to breakfast and to work.  After formation I got to work on finishing up the ADO stuff for the month, worked until lunch and a little bit into it.  I took a break to stitch for an hour, and then back at it.  At 1500 we had Brass Quintet rehearsal and it was a lot of fun.  We just sightread a bunch of new songs.  Some of them are going to need A LOT of work before we can perform them.  But it will be worth it.  After rehearsal I checked my e-mail and answered those and did a few other things before heading to dinner.  I guess I’ll finish ADO tomorrow.

After dinner, I headed home to change into PT’s, did some computer stuff, and read for a little bit and then I headed to the chapel for Joyful Noez rehearsal.  Rehearsal went really well and we have some great songs for Sunday.  Now it’s bedtime, and I think I’ll sleep good tonight!

Today’s High:  117
Current:  99 (10:25 p.m.)


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