Ending with a GI Party

I started my day with a 3.67 mile run in 36:56 which was a 10:04 pace.  It was a minute faster than I ran the same route on Saturday!  I felt really good at the end and then when I got home and showered, I had lots of time to get ready, and I even crocheted for a half hour.  I left to turn in laundry on my way to the chow hall for breakfast early enough that I didn’t have to "sprint" to the chow hall to get there on time and I had a nice relaxing breakfast with decent food! 

After formation, I checked my e-mail and did a few things before heading to BQ rehearsal at 1000.  Rehearsal itself went well, but my playing was off today for some reason.  I guess it was just one of those days.  I met with Denise at lunch and we had a nice talk.  One of my friends at work had asked me if I’d get him a sandwich and some chips for lunch, so I grabbed those on my way out.  D came with me to the band hall to drop off the food, and then I went to her room with her for a bit – she needed to get something before she went back to work and we were finishing up the conversation we were having in the chow hall.  It’s always nice chatting with her, and especially now – she’s going through a bit of a rough time and I let her vent to me.  After we visited in her room for a little bit, we headed our separate directions to get back to work.

I had salsa band after lunch and that rehearsal went ok as well.  I was playing a little better than this morning, but something was still off.  I wasn’t totally focused on rehearsal for some reason.  After salsa was done, I started working on our ADO order for the month and got about half dozen more Soldiers’ orders entered.  And then we received some supplies in that KC brought over for us – I got them put away and then some work had to be done on the server, so I couldn’t do anymore work on my computer.  After we had done details at 1700, I headed out to dinner and then back for formation at 1900.  We had a G.I. Party to clean up our building really good.  We finished about 2010 and then I headed home for a much-needed shower.  I was "soggy" and just gross from all the dust and dirt kicked up when we were cleaning.

By the time I got home and showered, I didn’t have time to crochet anymore.  I’m glad I was able to get a little bit in this morning.  I’ll be heading off to bed in about 1/2 hour or so.

Today’s High:  116
Current:   102 (9:55 p.m.)


One thought on “Ending with a GI Party

  1. Sorry your personal time was cut in on, but at least you were able to get in a good run this morning! *And* a good breakfast! Hope you have a great day tomorrow. 🙂

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