An interesting day – and MUCH better than yesterday!

My day started off much better than yesterday.  I had oatmeal instead of cocoa puffs and they had applesauce and swiss cheese once again.  Still no chocolate milk, but I don’t need milk on my oatmeal, so I was ok with strawberry.  After formation I checked my work e-mails and then MSN came in with some great news she had just gotten in her e-mail (which she had forwarded to me but I hadn’t gotten to yet).  The piccolo that’s been “missing” is no longer missing.  In fact, it hasn’t even existed since last December when it got turned in but never taken off our property book!!!  So that was some really good news and totally made my day.  I headed up to Battalion with the turn-in documents for the piccolo and some other paperwork for both the S-4 and our Property Book Officer.  Then I stopped by the Bravo Company supply sergeant’s office so I could get a sample of the documents needed to turn in some equipment we don’t have a need for.  Then I stopped by KC’s office just to say hi – can’t go to Battalion without stopping by to say hi to my friend.  Then I headed home and I crocheted through lunch.  

As I was passing by the chow hall to go back for salsa band rehearsal at 1300, Chief stopped me and asked me what I was doing at 1500.  I replied “I don’t know, Sir.  What am I doing at 1500?”  So he let me know that I needed to go to the Command & Staff meeting with him and First Sergeant – they wanted the supply sergeants there and we would be talking about the ADO program (that’s the program to order replacement uniform stuff).  Salsa rehearsal went really well.  We just ran through the songs in order for Thursday night’s gig.  I’m definitely looking forward to that – not only will it be Salsa Band’s (Grupo Hysteria) first performance, but it will be my first gig since my softball incident.  I left out of rehearsal a little early so I could be ready to go with Chief and Top to the meeting.  The meeting was interesting.  I didn’t really need to be there as the other supply sergeants (KC, AS (my roommate), SSG K, and CPL C) managed to answer all the questions that everyone had about ADO.  And by the time it got to the Band’s issues/comments, everything had pretty much already been covered.

After the meeting, I headed to the chapel for a thing about the cultural and other differences between Iraqi and American women.  It was really interesting and I’m glad I got to go to this.  Today is Women’s Equality Day, and this was part of a several day celebration of that.  The guest speaker was a Major who works out in the villages and towns with the Iraqi women and she was a really good speaker.  We all got t-shirts on our way out, and I actually got 2 of them because they had so many left.  I got a white one and a red one.  Then it was back to the band hall to do a final check of my e-mail since I hadn’t been on my computer since 1000.  Holy cow did I have a lot of e-mails!  I think there were like 26 new e-mails in my inbox.  Good grief!!  So I went through those and answered the few that needed answering and then I headed to dinner and then home for crocheting.  Now it’s off to bed.

Today’s High:  113 (though it may have been higher since I wasn’t on my computer during the hottest part of the day)
Current:  100 (11:00 p.m.)

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