Can I push delete?

Today was one of those days that I wish I could just push a delete button and have it be gone.  I didn’t get up in time for softball practice.  Breakfast sucked – no applesauce, no swiss cheese, and my watermelon was WAY over ripe.  And they didn’t have chocolate milk yet again.  Then it was off to formation and that went well.  We had Brass Quintet rehearsal this morning and rehearsal itself went well, but I just came out of there feeling bleh.  Of course, I was SOGGY.  We rehearsed out in the drum practice trailer since the rehearsal spaces were used by other groups, and it was HOT in there.  The A/C wasn’t working very well, and I was sweating so much that it was dripping off my arms onto my pants.  By the time rehearsal was done, my t-shirt was entirely soaked and my pants from the knees up were soggy as well.  I really didn’t feel like going to lunch, so I sat in my office and stitched.  I got an hour in on my work project today, so that made me happy and helped relax me.  After lunch I handed out uniform orders that came for Soldiers that were out on a mission over the weekend.  I did some computer stuff, e-mails, etc.  Then at 1500 we had stage band rehearsal.  The first hour was full band and that went ok.  Then we broke down into sectionals and that’s where my afternoon went really sour.  I can’t go into it here, but it was very stressful.  After we were done, I got my horn put away, did a final check of my e-mail and headed out.

KC happened to be driving on one of his supply missions and he saw me walking.  So he stopped and picked me up and after he had finished his mission, he took me to a chow hall far away from 10th Mountain area (but still within the Victory camp system) and let me vent about the day over dinner.  He managed to cheer me up and take my mind off the day and then after we ate we went to the big PX there so I could get some SFC rank for a friend who needed some sew-on rank (and they don’t have any at our little PX) and some little tiny hair rubber bands because the retaining band on my watch decided it had had enough and I’ve discovered that the little tiny hair rubber bands work perfectly!  Then it was home to shower and change and I’ve been chatting with 

and Rick.  I’m about ready to head to bed – definitely going to be an early one tonight.

Today’s High:  116
Current:  104 (9:40 p.m.)

3 thoughts on “Can I push delete?

  1. Sorry you had such a rough day, Lani. I hope tomorrow is much better for you. Sounds like supper was yum and cherries on top always make for a bright spot in a day!


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