Back to Monday

Here starts another week.  We had softball practice this morning, but there were only 7 or 8 of us there so we did batting practice.  I did quite a bit of running after balls in the outfield and when I batted I did really well, and I was hitting them all over the field!  Still not much out of the infield, but at least they’re not all going to the short stop anymore.  On my way to breakfast I turned in laundry.  Not one bag, but TWO bags today.  It’s no wonder when I went to put my clothes away (the ones I picked up from the laundry on Saturday) my drawers were pretty empty.  The bag didn’t look full, but it was much fuller than I thought.

After breakfast, I headed to formation, and after formation I issued out new ballistic eyewear to everyone.  It’s just another option for Soldiers to wear, and I think I’m going to like them better than the ones I currently use.  They’re not quite so big on my face.  Then we had Brass Quintet rehearsal all morning and boy were my chops tired after 2 hours straight of rehearsal.  We always get so much into our music that we don’t remember to take a break after an hour – or we feel we don’t need a break, or whatever.  Rehearsal went well, and I’m making more progress but I’m still not to 100% yet – maybe 75%.  Lunch was not good, and I was almost wishing I had just stayed in my office like I had originally thought of doing.  I always get a tuna sandwich with a piece of cheese (Swiss or provolone) on each slice of bread and then they grill it – a tuna melt!  I think they had a new guy running the grills today.  He put my sandwich on the grill and shut the cover with much force, smooshing my sandwich and squeezing lots of the tuna out.  Then he was off helping on the sandwich line for some reason and forgot about the sandwiches on the grills.  He finally comes back and goes to get my out and its smooshed and quite done.  He asked me if it was ok.  They offered to make me a new one, but I didn’t feel like waiting for possibly the same results, so I took it and went off and got a thing of yogurt and some milk and sat down.  I ate the yogurt and drank the milk – even though the straw for my milk had a hole in itt.  It just wasn’t my day for a good lunch.  At least I got to stitch for 45 minutes after I got back!  I think that was the highlight of my lunch period.

I spent the afternoon doing supply stuff, and when the mail clerks came back from the mailroom, they had a bag full of uniform stuff for me.  I was quite surprised at that as the website hadn’t updated to say they had been shipped yet.  And of course, since they haven’t been updated as shipped yet, I can’t mark them as received because the received button doesn’t show up until the status is ‘shipped’.  Oh well.  I made a list and when they figure the website out, I’ll go in and mark them received.  So that took about an hour of my afternoon, and then I went and got some serial numbers off instruments and did the paperwork to get those corrected.  I did some other paperwork, printed out the Arms Room Inventory sheet for the month, and probably a few other things.  It was a very productive afternoon.  We had formation at 1700 for Chief to put out some information about upcoming stuff and then we were done for the day.  But I still had a little bit of work to do, and by the time I was done with it, it was about 1745.  I headed to chow and then home for a shower and stitching.  Now I’m about to head to bed.

Today’s High:  115
Current:  99 (10:20 p.m.)


2 thoughts on “Back to Monday

  1. I’ve never gotten into the whole tuna melt thing, but I remember in college Mary and I would get the same sandwich EVERY DAY–turkey and provolone on a kaiser roll. It got to the point that they knew us and didn’t even have to ask what we wanted!

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