Jammin’ 10K

Today started off with yet another race. I ran the Jammin’ 10K this morning, actually 5.98 miles. I ran it in 1:03:34 which is a PR for this course by almost 2 minutes!!! It was a 10:38 per mile pace and I’m happy with that. KC ran with me again, and it’s nice having the company – and someone who pushes me ever so slightly. I got a t-shirt after the race, so that makes 5 race t-shirts since I’ve been here! Oh – the last water point was about 3/4 mile from the finish, and from that water point to the finish, I kept up a 9:30 pace! I passed 10 people in that last stretch as well. What a great way to end a race. 🙂 After the race and a quick change of shirts, KC and I headed to the chow hall for breakfast and then home. I grabbed a quick shower and then climbed back into bed to sleep the rest of the morning. I got up about 1145 and got ready to head out to Prayer Shawl time. I stopped at the Post Office on my way – Rick be looking out for a box.

Our Prayer Shawl group was small today with just 3 of us. MJ was the only returnee and CT (our new flute player) is a new member of the group, and she’s our only knitter! She got started on a triangle prayer shawl and got quite a few rows done during our 2 hours. I got quite a bit more done on the one I’m working on as well and MJ brought her 2nd finished one. We have our storage place now and a tuff box to keep our yarn and crochet hooks and knitting needles and finished prayer shawls in, and I had a combo lock so that’s on there and all the ladies have the combination so they can go to the chapel and get more yarn if they need to. After we had got our room cleaned up and tables and chairs put away, I headed home and I got some stitching done before having to head back to the other chapel for our service. We had an awesome music set again and a wonderful message by one of the Chaplain Assistants. And then after the service was our usual dinner at the chow hall followed by hanging out at Green Beans. I stopped by the band hall to call Ryan & Robbie before heading over for Combat Uno. My guys are doing well and I love when Robbie answeres the phone so the first thing I hear is “Hi Mommy!” That makes my day. Of course, I enjoy hearing Ryan’s voice as well.

Off to bed now. It”s almost midnight again.


Today’s high:  113
Current:  93 (11:55 p.m.)

2 thoughts on “Jammin’ 10K

  1. Congratulations on a race well-done! That’s awesome that you were able to finish so strong; that’s always a good feeling. 🙂 It’s also good that you were able to catch up on sleep after breakfast!

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