Supply Day Friday

I started my day out with a 2.3 mile run!!!  It was nice to be out running in the morning again.  I ran with KC.  We only went short this morning because I was trying out my new running shoes – ASICS GEL-Foundation 8.  They are really comfortable and once I get the laces adjusted right, they’ll be a great continuation in my line of ASICS GEL-Foundation shoes.  I started with the 6’s in Afghanistan.  Oh, my time.  Yes.  I ran the 2.3 miles in 22:08 which was a 9:37 pace.  That’s the fastest I’ve run since I’ve been over here and it felt GREAT!!  I was really happy with the run and my new shoes so that was a great way to start off my day.  After showering and getting into uniform, I had time to chat with Ryan, stitch for almost 45 minutes, AND read some of my Runner’s World magazine.  All that before 8:00 in the morning!!  What did YOU do before 8:00 this morning?

After breakfast (I had an omelet for a change!) I headed off to Battalion for our weekly Supply Sergeant meeting.  It was pretty short this week.  Once it was over, I went over to KC’s office to see about getting some 3-point slings for my Soldiers that don’t have them, and he was able to hook me up with those.  Then he gave me a ride back to the band hall since he was going that way anyway on one of his supply runs.  It’s always nice getting a ride instead of having to walk.  I spent the rest of the morning catching up on e-mails.  During lunch, SO and I sat with a Korean Colonel.  SO and I have both spent time in Korea, and he actually speaks quite a bit of Korean, and he can even read some.  He impressed the Korean COL when the COL gave us his business card and it was in English on one side and Korean on the other and SO was able to read it with no problems.  It was interesting chatting with the COL.  Then I still had some time to stitch a little bit once I got back to the band hall.

I spent the afternoon taking care of another inventory, doing some rearranging in my office (on the shelves in there), e-mails, and some other supply stuff on the computer.  It was a very long afternoon with only about 10 people around the band hall (everyone else is out on missions).  It was finally 1700 and I headed home to change into PTs before going to Joyful Noez rehearsal.  And what an awesome rehearsal it was!!!  The songs really flowed well and they’re great songs.  After rehearsal, we headed to the chow hall for dinner together.  Then it was home and now I’m chatting with Ryan, and

, and A.  it was a good day!

Today’s high:  110
Current:  97 (11:00 p.m.)

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