Staff Assistance Visit

Sleep/get ready/drop off laundry/breakfast/formation.  My usual morning (well, I don’t turn laundry in every day though).  After formation, I headed to my office to finish getting ready for our Staff Assistance Visit (SAV) for supply.  Everything that needed to be filed got filed, our SOP is all signed and ready to go, the “store” was looking presentable.  After lunch I had some stitching time and then an hour to kill before the SAV guys showed up.  They were very nice and looked at all of our stuff.  The only thing that I really got gigged on is my “store” (the area where all our expendables like reeds and valve oil and office supplies and cleaning supplies are kept) isn’t secure.  But I’m going to work on that and get some kind of lockable storage things.  After they left, I spent the last hour on my computer and then swept the hallway for our details this week.

I headed home, stopping at the chow hall on my way.  And then I went by KC’s office to look at the catalog he has with all kinds of office supplies and furniture and stuff to see what kinds of storage units are available.  Of course, he had lent the catalogs out so I couldn’t look at them, but he did log into the website he orders from and I was able to browse online a bit.  He’s going to bring me a catalog tomorrow.  While I was there I tried called Rick (my brother), but he wasn’t at his desk or he was on another call at the time.  So I just left him a message.  Then it was home for the  usual evening routine.  I started crocheting on a dishcloth with chatting with Ryan and Dad and my friend SR.

Today’s High:  112
Current:  100 (10:10 p.m.)

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