Z Lake Half Marathon

Ok, that’s not the right name for it, but I can’t remember what they were calling it – all the info is in my office. But anyway, I ran a half marathon this morning so I’ve been up since 0315. We left at 0400 – me, NJ, and KC. After getting registered (which we already were, we just needed to get safety pins for our numbers) we headed to the start area. They had said they weren’t going to have much support and therefore not many water points, so I had my camelbak on with Gatorade in it. Well, they had lots of water points – enough so that I wouldn’t have needed to wear my camelbak. It was a very nice course, and about 1/2 of it was shaded because of trees. That was really nice, and it wasn’t dusty either. A “true” half marathon is 13.1 miles. This was 12.73. I don’t know why they didn’t end at the start point which would have put it a lot closer. But whatever. At any rate, I ran the distance in 2 hours, 44 minutes, 43 seconds. It was really slow for me, but running with my camelbak on for the first time was interesting and then I got stomach cramps about 2 miles from the end so I had to walk a bit extra. KC ran with me the whole way and it was really nice having someone to run with and talk to.

After we got back, I got a shower and crawled into my bed for a couple hour nap before going to Prayer Shawl meeting at 1300. There were only 4 of us there this week, 1 new girl and 3 missing from last week. But we have 2 shawls done and a couple more almost done. It was a great 2 hours and the time went by really fast once we started crocheting and gabbing, talking about all kinds of stuff. Once I was back in my room after Prayer Shawl, I stitched on Lady of the Flag for about an hour. Sorry, no picture of her yet because I didn’t have time. Someday. . . Shortly after 5 I headed up to the chapel to help set up and do sound check and run through with Joyful Noez. The service went well, and I think we sounded awesome this week. JP picked some great songs for the week. Then after the service we all headed to the chow hall for dinner and then to Green Beans for Combat Spoons. I stopped by the band hall on the way to call Ryan & Robbie and Mom & Dad. It’s always nice talking to them. We stayed at GB until almost 2330, but it sure was a lot of fun!

Now I’m home and I’m about to head to bed since it’s after midnight and I have softball practice in the morning.

Today’s High: 111
Current: 97 (12:05 a.m.)


3 thoughts on “Z Lake Half Marathon

  1. Great job on your half marathon! You definitely have accomplished some amazing things with your running, I think that is awesome! Sounds like you had a busy day…full and fulfilling.

  2. You’re over the hundred mile mark! That’s frustrating that they told you to bring your camelbak when you didn’t really need to, but at least you’ll know what to expect next time. 🙂

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