Acute Corneal Abrasion and CQ

I woke up this morning and my eye was really hurting and really red and somewhat swollen and watering like a faucet.  So I decided I’d go to sick call after formation.  In the meantime, I headed to breakfast and then the band hall early.  I got to the band hall about 0800 so I could relieve the CQ so he could go to breakfast.  I stitched while he was gone.  Then after formation, I went over to our Battalion Aid Station to have them look at my eye.  They ended up referring me to to the optometry clinic which, of course, is on the opposite end of camp.  So I walked down there and the Optometrist did all her tests and stuff, including the yellow dye-eye drops and everything.  It turns out I have an acute corneal abrasion in my right eye.  I got some antibiotic ointment to use 3 times a day plus before bed and then I go back tomorrow for a reevaluation and probably some Rx eye drops.  I can still see ok, so it’s mostly just annoying because it hurts – and everyone has to ask “what’s wrong with your eye?”  Of course, with some of them I messed around with them and replied “My eye?  There’s someting wrong with my eye?”  LOL  It’s fun to watch their reactions.

After I got back from all that, I had my quarterly counseling for my evaluation report and that went well.  We just talked about what I’ve been doing, Soldiers I’m in charge of, goals, etc.  Then it was lunchtime and I went and ate and came back for 1215 CQ change-over.  After my security check and other things that need to be done upon starting duty, I did some stuff on my computer until 1300 when we had salsa rehearsal.  I played during rehearsal and it went pretty well.  Even some of my higher notes were coming out today, but I was also using my small bore horn.  It was a lot of fun being back in there.  Once rehearsal was done and I was back at the CQ desk, I took out my stitching and finished Bent Creek’s Kitty Cat Row.  Then I did more computer stuff until dinner time.  After dinner I stitched on Seven Days of Creation and made some good progress on that.

I’m off to bed now – after I put the antibiotic in my eye.  YUCK.

Today’s High: 109
Current:  95 (11:35 p.m.)


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