More playing

I got up to go run this morning with a migraine from not drinking enough water yesterday.  So I let my running buddy know, and he totally understood as he gets them too.  I took some drugs and drank some water and went back to bed for a couple more hours.  When I woke up the second time I felt a lot better and I got ready and headed to breakfast.  After formation I went to my office to try and do the uniform orders again, but the website was still down.  So I did some other stuff for the morning.  At lunchtime I came home and laid down and took a 45-minute nap.  When I laid down, I was OUT.  I don’t think I slept well last night because of the headache and I was wiped out.  My alarm scared me when it went off I was sleeping so soundly.  I felt a lot better after I got myself back together (emptied all my pockets on my pants) and back to the band hall.  I tried the uniform ordering again, and the website finall came up 10 minutes before I had to go to stage band sectionals.  So I still wasn’t able to do the orders.  Stage band sectionals went ok.  I felt ok playing – still some notes not coming out, mostly higher ones, and still not much dynamics, but I’ll get it back.  It was nice playing again.

After sectionals were done and I got my horn put away, I checked my work e-mail and then went to relieve the CQ so he could go to dinner.  I stitched while I was sitting at the CQ desk and then when the CQ got back from eating, I headed home for the night, via the chow hall.  I had a nice relaxing evening with a shower and hair down time, stitching, and chatting with Ryan.  Off to bed now cuz I’m still tired.

Today’s High:  111
Current:  95 (10:00 p.m.)


2 thoughts on “More playing

  1. I’m sorry about the migraine. 😦 Those are the worst, but it’s good that your running partner understood and that you were able to go back to bed for a bit. Keep up with the water and gatorade! 🙂

  2. Hot…

    Just so you know, we’re experiencing that kind of heat here too, lol! It’s currently 107°, at 3:53 p.m. here in Manhattan, KS…

    But at least we don’t get any dust!

    (this is Linda, who FINALLY found her livejournal log on info!!!)

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