Day Off & Prayer Shawl Ministry

Sundays are now a complete day off!  We got the word yesterday evening that our “Mountain Time” (time off) is from 0700-1800 on Sundays.  Woohoo!!!!!!!  I *almost* got up in time to go to CH Jones’ 0900 service.  But waking up at 0855 doesn’t quite give me enough time to get ready and walk the 10 minutes to the chapel.  And next Sunday is a race again, so I may or may not make it.  So once up, I did computer stuff pretty much all morning.  I had planned on stitching, but I got into reading my friends’ blogs that I haven’t read for quite some time so I was catching up on them.  Shortly after noon I headed to the band hall to get some yarn and hooks and patterns from my office (still working on storage at the chapel) and checked my e-mail to see if there were any last minute prayer shawl questions (there weren’t).

Then I headed over to the Mini Chapel where the Victory Prayer Shawl Ministry is being held.  Ssgt C (one of the Chaplain Assistants there) helped me get the room set up with tables and chairs and then I took the yarn and everything out of my backpack.  I started working on my prayer shawl, and about 1315 two ladies showed up.  And then a little bit later three more showed up.  The first two work over in the medical clinic, and one of them was in Korea the same time I was and she treated me a few time!!  It sure is a small Army.  The other 3 are all officers from 10th Mountain Division.  Two of the 10th Mountain ladies are new to crocheting so we taught them and got them started, and by the end of the 2 hours (we went an hour longer than planned) we had 5 shawls going.  One of the newbies was still working on chaining, but she’ll get it.  I am pleased with how the first week went and we’ll probably have more next week!  If you’ve sent donations, thank you very much!!!  If you would like to, they would be greatly appreciated.  And if you don’t know yarn and stuff but would still like to contribute, cash donations are welcome to help cover the cost of mailing the prayer shawls to the recipients.  The post office here only takes cash.

Once we were done, we got the tables and chairs put away and got the room cleaner than how we found it, and I headed home.  Then I finally took my stitching out and worked for an hour and a half on a project that I’m REALLY close to being done on.  Like so close that had I stitched this morning as well, I would have finished it today.  But that’s ok – there’s always tomorrow.  Then it was off to the chapel for sound check and warm ups.  We were SMALL tonight – missing our leader and our new drummer.  But JP did an awesome job leading us tonight and things went really well once we got through our warmups.  Those didn’t go well.  But the service went awesome, and it was Communion Sunday so that made it even better!  I miss having Communion every Sunday, but at least it’s once a month!  After the service we all went to dinner at the chow hall and then to Green Beans for Combat Uno.  It was a lot of fun even though we were short about 4 or 5 people from our usual numbers.  Everybody won at least one hand, but I think DN and I won the most.  CB was a pretty close second.

Now it’s almost midnight and I need to get to bed so I can get up and run in the morning.

Today’s High:  109
Current:  95 (11:55 p.m.)

3 thoughts on “Day Off & Prayer Shawl Ministry

  1. What a good turn-out for your first Prayer Shawl meeting, Lani! I’m so glad for you that you had 5 other ladies come since you were worried about how many would be interested. I think it’s a wonderful thing you are doing with this ministry. Hugs, Mary

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