I played!!

I slept until about 0730 this morning and that was nice!  I chatted with Ryan while I was getting ready to face the day – that’s always a nice way to start a day.  After breakfast, I headed to the band hall for formation.  I spent the morning doing supply stuff and getting the month’s uniform orders started.  I met SB for lunch and then after lunch was Stage Band rehearsal.  The first half was sectionals, and I went to my practice area and did long tones and lip slurs like I usually do.  I actually got notes all the way to my high Bflat so that was pretty exciting!  It was really shaky, but I’m getting there!  I had to go to full band rehearsal, and I had intended on just sitting there and going through my parts while they played.  Well, I had my horn out so I figured I’d give it a try.  Today I played with an ensemble for the first time in over a month!!!  I don’t have much volume yet, and I had some notes that wouldn’t come out at all and some that came out sometimes but not others, but I played!  And it felt good.  Yes, my face was tired after, but I felt good.  BQ is going to be interesting on Monday, but we’ll see how it goes.  I definitely need to make sure I get a good long warm up in before rehearsal though.

After rehearsal was done, I *thought* I was going to spend the remaining 2 hours of the day doing the rest of the uniform orders.  But nope.  The ordering website was down so I wasn’t able to do that.  But I did do a few other supply things to finish out the day.  Then it was off to dinner, and then home for a shower and change into PTs and then off to watch a movie with a few friends.  Thanks, Sweetie, for sending “Witless Protection”.  Everyone enoyed it!

Now I’m off to bed so I can get up for Chapel in the morning, and my day OFF!!  More about that tomorrow. . .

Today’s High:  115
Current:  99 (11:20 p.m.)


One thought on “I played!!

  1. Sounds like things are moving right along for you out there–busy, but good. That bat house is so weird, but hey, it looks like ol’ Saddam did something right when he built it.
    Word is that this band will be deploying in November. Fun times.

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