Dusty Day

Last night the internet was REALLY SLOW so I didn’t get to post.  What did I do yesterday?  Hmm. . .Supply stuff in the morning probably.  After lunch I went with the Battalion UMO (Unit Movement Officer – remember I wear that hat for the band as well?) and we went to the container yard and escorted back 8 trucks with containers and other equipment on them.  This is the late deployer stuff that was started to be packed/loaded the day before I left Ft. Drum and was finished loaded in June sometime.  There are 3 tri-cons that have Band stuff in them, and after everything else was brought to the Battalion and unloaded, she escorted the truck with the 3 band containers to our area and they were offloaded into our yard.  That took pretty much all afternoon, so I didn’t do anything else – but I did go to the last 20 minutes of salsa band rehearsal.  After work I headed to the Battalion mail room to sign for a package from Mom & Dad and then to the chow hall with KC since he happened to be heading that way as well.  Then it was home to stitch.  Or so I thought.  I opened the package and I was so enjoying going through everything my wonderful parents sent me, I lost track of time and ended up not getting to stitch afterall.  But it was sure worth it – homemade oatmeal cookies and twizzlers and a book from our town’s centennial celebration the beginning of July and newspaper clippings and all kinds of great stuff!  Thanks so much!  After I was done with my box, I just chatted with a few friends while I waited for web pages to (unsuccessfully most of the time) load.

This morning started with a 3.65 mile run in 37:26.  It was a little slower than Tuesday, but it’s still a great time for me.  It was already starting to get a little dusty so that could be a contributing factor to the little bit slower time as well.  I didn’t look at my watch to check my pace at all – just went off how I felt, and a 10:15 pace is good for me.  Little by little I’m getting faster.  Then after chatting with Ryan while I got ready, I dropped off some laundry on my way to the chow hall on my way to work.  After formation I went through my e-mails and then headed over to the Honor Chapel for an Anger Management Class.  This was our class for the month for the Chaplain’s monthly “deployment readiness” series.  Yay.  I didn’t really get anything out of it, but I guess it’s always good to hear stuff again.  I ate lunch with DG, the other female vocalist in Joyful Noez.  She is going on leave soon so it was good to get to see her before she leaves.  After lunch we had a promotion ceremony with one Soldier getting promoted to Sergeant First Class and one Soldier to Sergeant, both very well-deserved.

Then the fun began.  We went outside to the tricons – in the dust.  As each item came out of the container, it was checked off on my inventory sheet and moved to the next station where a second team of Soldiers brought the stuff inside.  Everyone worked really hard and followed my directions and we had all 3 containers emptied in an hour!  That was about 2-3 hours shorter than some people were thinking it would take.  Then at 1500 I headed up to the Battalion area with 2 Soldiers and we went and got the tuff boxes and duffel bags of the Soldiers who got to the unit too late to ship their stuff in the first shipment.  KC lent us a truck since ours is in the shop, and he even drove it, so that was really nice.  We got that stuff back to the band hall, and then we just kind of chilled out for the rest of the afternoon – like a half hour or something like that.  Once the work day was done, I read a few of my hotmail e-mails and then went to dinner at 1730.  Then it was home to change into PTs and listen to my songs for this week for praise team.  Rehearsal wasn’t until 1930 tonight and it may change like that always since a lot of people don’t get off work until 1800 or so.  Rehearsal went really well and a couple of people that came in just to listen said we sounded really good.  We’ve got some great songs for this week!

Now I’m home and I’m going to bed.  I get to sleep in a little tomorrow and I want to get as much sleep as I can.

Today’s high:  115 (even with the dust)
Current:  102 (10:40 p.m.)


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