I can’t think of a good subject today

We had softball practice this morning and that went really well.  I played catcher again and I took a ball to the leg.  I have a nice bruise on the inside of my left thigh about 5 inches above my knee.  I flinched a little bit when it hit and then I was ready for the next pitch.  Everyone else on the team was just kind of gawking at me.  I’m fine – really.  Can we just get on with practice please?  I was hitting really well when it was my turn.  I’m still mostly hitting in the infield, but at least it’s not always to the short stop.  So it was a fun practice!

I chatted with Ryan for a bit while I was getting ready to face the rest of the day, and then I headed off to breakfast.  After formation, I spent the morning getting the uniform order stuff together for August and totaling things up and stuff so that when August’s funds are available, I can get the order done right away and get Soldiers their uniform stuff earlier.  Lunch was nice.  I ate with SB – haven’t seen him since last Thursday and haven’t talked to him much since then either since he was busy with the Chaplains’ Conference they had here.  He’s glad to have it over with and we had a nice lunch together – I had a tuna sandwich!!!!  I can start using my front teeth again, but I’m still sticking to softer foods for now (at least for biting).  It was pretty busy in the chow hall today, so we didn’t hang out as long as we usually do, and once back to my office, I was able to stitch for 1/2 hour before we had a class on Combat Stress Control.  Well, the class didn’t start until 1400 so I went back to my office and did some e-mails and stuff and then back to the rehearsal hall for the class.  The class was ok.

Then it was back to my office for some end-of-the-day stuff – a short meeting with my supervisor, e-mail, etc.  At 1700 I headed out with KC for our weekly dinner and hang-out time.  He took me to a place called North Side Pizza and we had pizza for dinner.  It wasn’t bad, but the veggie pizza at Pizza Hut is better.  Then we went to a little park and just walked around and watched all the bats in their mosquito-catching dance.  It’s fun watching them swoop all over at their all-you-can-eat buffet of mosquitos.  I enjoy hearing stories about his 3 girls and his wife, and I talk a lot about Ryan and Robbie.  It’s nice to get away from work and just talk and joke and laugh about stuff.  We always end up talking supply a little, but we try not to.

Now I’m going to head to bed before I fall asleep with my computer.

Today’s High:  108
Current:  93 (11:35 p.m.)

One thought on “I can’t think of a good subject today

  1. Ouch on your leg. I hope it won’t be sore in the morning. Take care of yourself and stop hurting yourself 🙂


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