Stressful day

This morning actually wasn’t too bad and I got a chance to catch up on all my e-mails from the weekend when I wasn’t in my office and our e-mail server was down.  After lunch which I didn’t eat – I sat in my office and stitched because I just wasn’t hungry because of the stress that started shortly before lunch – the real “fun” began.  We worked on an issue and at 3 I took a break and went and practiced for a couple of hours.  It only amounted to about 50-60 minutes of playing with all my little breaks, but I did do 6-7 minutes of playing before a break instead of my usual 5 so that’s a good thing!  And I added partial number 5 today so that’s another good thing.  My lower partials sounded really strong at the beginning, but then as my chops got tired things went down hill.  But I am defitinely making progress and I’m very happy about that.

After I got my horn put away and was planning on heading to dinner, that’s when the major stress hit.  We finally came up with a solution to the problem so at least things are taken care of for now.  I finally left for chow about 1845 and even then I wasn’t really hungry.  But since I have to walk past the chow hall to get home I decided to stop in and get some food.  I had a grilled cheese, peas with mushrooms, and chocolate pudding.  And good company while eating.  Once home, I grabbed a shower and changed into a borrowed pair of PT shorts.  In all the “fun” today, I forgot that I needed to pick up my laundry by 1900 so I could have shorts.  At least I have a friend who wears the same size PTs and she didn’t mind me borrowing shorts.  I stitched some and I chatted with Ryan and other friends and now I’m heading to bed.

Here is a picture of our Band softball team.  Yes, there was a dust storm that day.

Today’s High:  105
Current:  91 (10:05 p.m.)


2 thoughts on “Stressful day

  1. ummmmm…..

    where are the rest of the weapons???????? guess you could catch a grenade if you had to but i would advise against it.


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