More Softball and more stitching

We had our next softball game at 0830 this morning so I was up about 0715 to get dressed and over to the field by 0800. We played a great game and actually won, 9-4!! And I broke my batting streak. I have always and forever hit the ball at or near the direction of the short stop. I did it at Ft. Jackson. I did it in Korea. And I’ve done it here. Until this morning. I hit it down the first base line. HUH???? What’s up with that. Of course, I hit it RIGHT TO the first baseman, but I still got cheers from my team since I didn’t hit it in my usual spot.

After the game I headed home and grabbed a quick shower before they closed them for cleaning and then I settled in with my stitching and my computer. I stitched for a while and then took a break and went and got some chow and then home to stitch more. At 1500 we had to be at the MWR (Morale, Recreation, & Welfare) building to see what they have and we have to give lists of things we’d like to see there. While there I did play 2 games of ping-pong. The first was again JN and he’s good. He beat me, but it wasn’t a shut-out. The second was against HH and we were really evenly matched. He finally won 22-20 or 23-21, something like that. Both games were a lot of fun – I don’t think I’ve played ping pong since Shalom House in Korea. I don’t know what I’m going to put on my list of what I’d like to see there since I don’t really go there – I have enough to do without going there. We were only there for about 45 minutes before the softball team was excused to go get ready for our next game.

We played the team that’s been undefeated through several tournaments. I don’t know how they ended up in the losers’ bracket, but there’s some speculation that since they had a bye in the first round the event organizers put a good team in the bottom bracket to ensure a good final game. Kind of not cool, but whatever. I walked the first time I was up to bat and got thrown out the second time. We ended up losing, but only 17-2. I know that sounds awful, but that’s the fewest number of runs they’ve scored against a team in quite some time, by my understanding. We actually played really well other than a few defense errors. And if we can hold them to only 17 runs, there is definitely hope for us! They played just before us this morning and they won 31-2 or 3 or something like that.

After the game I headed home and grabbed another quick shower and got ready to go to chapel service. It’s kind of a good thing that I wasn’t singing this week; because of the game, I didn’t get to the chapel until just after 1800 and they were already done with soundcheck and run-through. I still get to do prayer time with them even though I’m not singing, and during the service I was singing – just not up front. Well, I was up front – in the front row of chairs – just not up front with the band. Confused yet? It was a nice service and the praise team sounded great! Afterwards, we went to eat dinner together and then to Green Beans. I bought the drinks tonight and only ended up buying for 3 people, including myself. No one wanted anything. Oh well. After I bought, I went to the band hall for a little bit to call my guys. Robbie answered the phone today! That sure was a nice surprise to hear “Hi Mommy” first thing! We talked for a while and he told me all kinds of stuff and then I got to talk to Ryan a little bit too. Then it was back to Green Beans for a game of Spoons which ended in a draw between me and DN.

Now I’m home and I’m heading to bed very shortly after I post this. Tomorrow will be the day to find out about the mystery picture, so if you haven’t guessed yet (or you’ve guessed and want to guess again), now’s your last chance!!

Today’s High: 104 – dust storm. And yes, we played softball in the duststorm. And it was WAY worse this afternoon. But it was fun!
Current: 88 (12:30 a.m.)


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