Softball and stitching

Today started with our first softball game.  We’re taking part in a 1-pitch tournament, double elimination.  Each batter gets one pitch.  If you swing and you miss, you’re out.  If you don’t swing and it’s a strike, you’re out.  If you don’t swing and it’s a ball, you walk.  If you hit a foul ball, you’re out.  Otherwise normal rules apply.  We play 1/2 hour games and play as many innings as time allows.  I’m playing catcher and with 1-pitch I don’t get much “work”, but I did have few throws come in to home plate.  None of them were catchable, but I still go to do a little bit of “work”.  My first at-bat I hit a nice hard ground ball to the right of the pitcher and left of the short stop and made it to first.  My second at-bat I hit it right to the short stop.  He didn’t even have to move to catch the ball.  I need to work on my batting.  We ended up losing 15-8, but we still had a good time and since it’s double elimination, we got to play again.

After the game, we were off until 1300 so I went back to my room and got cleaned up and into clean PTs and I stitched for a while!  Then I headed off to lunch and to work – in PTs!!  The softball team got to go in PTs since we had another game this afternoon.  I got to work after lunch and had time before 1300, so I stitched on my work project.  At 1300 I did some computer stuff and then at 1400 we had a class on the new electronic promotion points worksheet.  You might think it doesn’t apply to me, and it doesn’t directly, but I’ll have Soldiers someday and it’s good for NCO’s to know how to help their Soldiers.  After the class I took care of a few more things and then headed home to change shoes and get my glove for our second game.  I headed over to the field, and the whole team (all 15 of us!!!) was there waiting.  Well, the other team didn’t show up and so they forfeited and we moved on in the tournament.  Our next game is at 0830 tomorrow morning.

Since we didn’t have to play, that gave us a little more time off.  I went back to my room and changed into clean PTs (again) and did some stuff on my computer and chatted with Mom until I went to dinner about 1730.  After I ate, I went back to the band hall to get a box that Ryan had sent me with a movie I decided to watch tonight (among other things).  I got home and settled in with my stitching and watched “Witless Protection” with Larry the Cable Guy in it.  It was really good!

Now I’m going to head to bed in a little while after I finish up my computer stuff.

Today’s High:  118
Current:  106 (10:00 p.m.)

Oh, and I’ll give those of you who haven’t answered yet a chance to guess “What is this?”

As a note. . .  those of you who have guessed already, no one got it right yet.  But one person is on the right track!

2 thoughts on “Softball and stitching

  1. OK – I’ll guess!!

    It’s a really ugly Christmas tree and they hang ornaments from the hook things. Although – it really looks like some type of a thing to practice mountain climbing on.


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