A morning run!!

I was up early this morning for a change.  I met up with CK at 0530 and we went for an all-girl run.  We went 3.24 miles in 31:09 – almost a minute per mile faster than my usual pace!  It felt great and the 2 of us just keep pushing each other a little bit.  She and I are the 2 fastest females in the band and she and I are the only 2 females that run all the races.  I felt so good when we got back – I need to run like that more often, and we’ve decided that after her PT test next Tuesday, we’re going to run together on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  I can’t wait!

Once back from my run, and after shower and change, I chatted with Ryan, checked all my online stuff, and STITCHED!!  I stitched for 1/2 hour before I even went to breakfast.  What a great way to start a day!  Then after breakfast and formation, we had stage band rehearsal, but it was deemed that I didn’t need to be there, so I took my horn out to my practice area for about an hour and a half (which gave me about 45 minutes of playing, doing my 5 on, 5 off).  I could definitely hear some progress on my bottom 3 partials – the notes are starting to speak clearly.  My 4th partial is still shaky and weak, but it’ll get there.  I’m thinking I might come out of this with an offset embouchure, but I don’t know for sure.  I am playing off center to the left some though, at least right now.  After practicing and before lunch, I did a few e-mails and stuff.

After lunch, I had about 25 minutes before it was 1300, so I took out some stitching and stitched for another half hour!  I finally remembered to bring a project to work to work on during my lunch times when I get back early.  That sure was relaxing!  Then when it was work time again, I put my stitching away, and picked up the book “Broken Embouchures” – a book about getting your chops back into playing condition after an injury, overuse, etc.  It was lent to me by GY, the very guy who “broke” my face in the first place.  It has a lot of good information in it, but even though it was pretty interesting to read, I was dozing off – I was in the inner part of my office and it’s pretty warm in there, and I was sitting in a nice comfy office chair with my feet propped up on a shelf.  After attempting to get whiplash a few times, I decided to take a 5 minute cat-nap and that sure helped!

Around 1600 I headed to the Battalion mail room to sign for a package that had come yesterday.  It was something I had ordered from drugstore.com.  Since I was in the area, I stopped by to see SSG C to thank him for the help he gave us in getting a piece of equipment exchanged (broken for new).  Then I headed home to drop off my package and change into PTs and head back to the band hall.  I did a final check of my e-mail and then I headed over to the chapel for Joyful Noez rehearsal.  It was a great rehearsal and was actually about 45 minutes short because it went so well.  Then it was off to dinner and then home for the evening.  Since I’m home early (earlier than normal at least), I’m going to head to bed early as well!!

Today’s High:  116
Current:  102 (9:30 p.m.)

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