Supply Day

After formation this morning, I headed to my office to continue working on my project from yesterday.  Some of the Soldiers are done with their parts and now I have to finish up the forms on the computer.  Lunch was with SB and XR today and boy was that fun.  Some Australian Air Force guys ended up sitting next to us, and somehow we got involved in each other’s conversations.  SB was talking to one of them and the Aussie asked SB where he was from, and he replied Georgia.  Then SB proceeded to ask the Aussie, “So what about you?  Where are ya’ll from”.  XR and I were just about dying we were laughing so hard.  Hellloooooo??  They’re from Australia!  LOL  Of course, he did mean what part of Australia, but still it was quite funny.  One of those things you had to be there for.  The rest of the lunch time just went downhill from there.  We kept taking things said the wrong way and we had a great time.  All too soon it was time to head back to work – the 2 of them back to the Chapel office (they’re both Chaplain Assistants) and me back to my office.  I got the rest of my task finished up and took care of a few other supply issues as well, but that took me until just after 1600 so I didn’t get any time on my horn today.  I had an appointment with CH Jones at 1700 to talk about the prayer shawl ministry, and I stopped by the other chapel offices on my way after stopping at Green Beans.  SB and XR both wanted drinks from GB, so I obliged since I work across the street.  I don’t mind doing it, and they always pay me back for getting them stuff.  Then SB gave me a ride to the other end of camp since he was heading out to get mail anyway.  That was nice of him!

My meeting with CH Jones went well and we got all the details worked out for the prayer shawl ministry, the biggest of which was a place to meet.  I let him know that donations were starting to come in.  I’ll be updating the power point slide tomorrow with the location and then the “advertising” will begin.  Chaplain is going to take care of that aspect of it.  The Victory Prayer Shawl Ministry will be starting on 3 August, and I would appreciate prayers for me as the leader of the group and prayers that we get a good response.  Our first 2 prayer shawls will be sent to families of the 10th Mountain Division Soldiers that went missing last year and their remains were finally found a few weeks ago.

After I was done meeting with Chaplain, I headed up to SSG C’s office and we headed out on our weekly “peer time” as I’ve started calling it.  He works with all E4’s (Specialists) and below and he enjoys the time away from his office and spending time with someone the same rank as him.  We talk a lot about our families – he has 3 daughters – and things we like to do with our families and what we do during our off time around here.  We try not to talk supply at all, but that doesn’t happen.  It’s next to impossible to not talk about work around here.

Now I’m heading to bed before I fall asleep with my computer on my lap.

Today’s High:  116
Current:  102 (10:25 p.m.)

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