Back on Profile and Sleep-in Sunday

Last night I had a blog all typed up and then my computer decided to freeze up on my so I lost it all and I was too tired to type it all again.

After formation yesterday I did supply stuff and that took pretty much all morning. I met CR and some of the officers he works with for lunch and it’s always fun with that group. After lunch I got talked to about my playing, or lack thereof, so after that I headed to the dental clinic to see about a profile. Well, the dental clinic was closed due to training they were doing. Ok. Not a problem. I couldn’t go to the medical clinic that is by dental as it’s after hours for sick call and it’s not an emergency. Not a problem. I went by the Chaplain’s office to see my friend SB, but he was at lunch. I’m starting to think I’m going to strike out. I decided to walk all the way to the other end of camp and go to my Battalion Chaplain’s office to talk to him about the prayer shawl ministry while I waited for the Battalion medical clinic to open for sick call hours. Of course, Chaplain J was with a Soldier. But I sat in his waiting area and browsed through all the care package stuff people have sent and then I read my book for about 45 minutes. Finally it was sick call hours and so I headed over there. I saw our Battalion medic and after explaining to him all that has happened since 1 July when my initial accident was, he gave me a profile for “play instrument to own comfort due to healing of trauma to face”. For all you non-Band Army types out there, it equates to a “run at your own pace and distance” profile.

Once I got back to the band hall, I made copies of my profile for my chain of command and section leader, and then I took care of the few uniform orders that came in the mail today. Then it was time for details and to go home. I ate dinner and went home and showered and changed into PTs and then went and hung out with some friends and watched TV.

This morning I had intended on getting up for Chaplain J’s 0900 service. But I also decided not to set an alarm clock last night since when I do that I usually sleep about 8 hours – that would have put me waking up around 0800-0815. That was a bad idea. I didn’t wake up until 1015, thereby missing Chaplain’s service. Once up and dressed, I changed the sheets on my bed and now I have my brand new ones that Ryan sent me on my bed! I put some drawings and other stuff that Robbie had made for me up on my wall. At 1130 I headed to the chow hall for breakfast/lunch and then home again where I stitched until I had to go to work at 1500.

After formation I cleaned my trombone and my weapon and then did some supply work. At 1600 it was sectional time. I took my horn to my practice area and worked on some more long tones and just trying to get a tone. I did manage to add another partial to the little bit of sound I have, so that’s a good thing. And every once in a while something would come out that would actually sound sort of like a trombone sound. I just have to remember to be patient and not overdo it while I’m practicing. When I got back, I took care of the one uniform order that came in today, and also opened my own boxes! One was a donation of crochet hooks for the prayer shawl ministry, and the other was a box from Ryan. Thanks sweetie!!

Then it was time to head off to the chapel – they already had everything set up and sound checked, so I just jumped in and we did a run-through of the songs for tonight’s service. NJ came tonight, and that was nice seeing a familiar face in the congregation. I think everything went well, but it was also a sad nice since NL is heading home to his wife. We will certainly miss him and his leadership – he was one of the leaders of the group. After the service and we had everything put away, we headed to the chow hall for dinner and then to Green Beans for beverages (coffee, smoothies, etc.) and Combat Uno. I stopped by the Band Hall on the way and called Ryan & Robbie and Mom & Dad. All were glad to hear from me. Robbie was sure excited to talk to me and told me all about the rain and his new umbrella and going to the fair and all kinds of stuff. And it’s always nice to hear my sweetie’s voice! And of course Mom & Dad – they were kind of surprised I called, but it IS Sunday and at home I call every Sunday. We stayed at Green Beans until almost 2330 and then N and D walked me home, N for the last time.

I need to go to bed since it’s almost 0100, but I’m not really tired.

Today’s High: 113
Current: 97 (12:45 a.m.)

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