It’s frustrating

After breakfast this morning SSG E and I headed over to Battalion for our weekly Supply Sergeant meeting.  The meeting went well and then after we got a ride back to the band hall from SSG C.  I spent the rest of the morning doing some supply stuff.  I met SB for lunch and we had a nice chat.  Then it was back to the band hall and the power was out for a while.  So I read my Stars & Stripes newspaper that I pick up every day after lunch.  By the time I was done, the power came back on.  I did some computer stuff for a bit, and then about 1400 I got my horn out and went to my practice spot to see what I could do.  It was slightly better than the other day, but not a whole lot.  It’s really like being back in 7th grade again and trying to figure out how to make a sound for the first time.  Only now it’s REALLY frustrating since I know my capabilities and I know how to play.  It’s just I don’t have the chops right now.  I think the problem now is all the scar tissue in my lip, it’s preventing my lips from vibrating like they used to and need to.  It will be a long slow recovery process for me I think, but I’ll keep working at it every day.  I took lots of breaks during the 45 minutes I was outside.  I’d play for 5 minutes and then read my book for 5 minutes.

Then I went back in and got everything ready for our monthly 10% cyclic inventory.  There were only like 7 types of items on the inventory, so we were done within about 20 minutes.  Once I was done with that, I just kind of killed time until the end of the day.  We had no new uniform stuff come in the mail, so I didn’t need to worry about that.

After work I headed to the chapel for Joyful Noez rehearsal.  I was actually there early enough that I got to help with the set up and sound check.  Then we did prayer time.  And then we did the actual rehearsal.  It went well and Sunday should go well also.  But it will be another sad Sunday as we will be saying farewell to NL, one of our leaders.  He’ll be heading back home to his wife.  Then after we had everything torn down and put away, we headed to the chow hall for dinner.  We said our good nights and headed our various ways home.

Now I’m chatting with Ryan, Dad, and 

and I’ll be heading to bed here shortly.

Today’s high:  115
Current:  100 (10:40 p.m.)


2 thoughts on “It’s frustrating

  1. Sounds like things are healing for you but not as fast as you would like. You will get there, just hang in there.


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