Back to the dentist and it’s off!!!!

After formation this morning I did some supply stuff and e-mails for a while and then about 1045 I headed down to the dental clinic.  I had to wait a little while as the patient before me took a little long, but that’s why I always carry a paperback book in my cargo pocket.  I read a few chapters before getting called back.  The dentist took another x-ray (which is on my thumb drive along with the original one, and my thumb drive is in my office. . .) and saw that there was connective tissue growing over the fracture.  This is a very good thing!  Bones take 4-6 months to heal completely but connective tissue grows lots faster.  So he took my splint/wire off my teeth!  It took almost an hour for him to get it off and get all the sealant and cement off and he polished my teeth so everything is nice and smooth now.  Of course, once that was gone, I can really feel all the scar tissue that’s on the inside of my lip from the lacerations.  Hopefully that doesn’t affect my playing too much.

By the time he was finished and I got back to the band hall, it was 1230 and I still hadn’t had lunch.  So I signed out and went to lunch and then home to get my laundry from my room to turn in.  Then it was back to work.  I got more uniform stuff in the mail today, so I took care of getting that to the Soldiers and I also got 2 other boxes.  I got a box from Ryan with my new sheets in it and some mail and other stuff, and I got my order from  I went through all the mail in the box from Ryan and then it was time for details and go home!

SSG C, the Supply SGT for one of the other companies in BN, picked me up and we did some more supply training on our computer program we use and then to dinner at a different chow hall on a neighboring camp.  This one is nicer than our 2 chow halls as well, but not as nice as the one we went to last week.  We had a good time talking about our spouses and kids and tried not to talk about work but that never happens.  But it’s nice to get away from work every once in a while – especially for him.  He’s already worked 90 hours this week.  Umm, hello?  We don’t get paid overtime.  LOL

Now I’m home and I’m going to take care of a few things that need to go in the mail tomorrow, and then I’ll read a little bit and head to bed.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some pics for you.

Today’s high:  115
Current:  99 (10:35 p.m.)


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