Two days and still no playing

The internet was really slow last night and I was having problems getting anything to load, let alone be able to post a blog.  Yesterday was another long day.  At least the afternoon was broken up a bit.  It was my friend SB’s birthday yesterday.  We were going to meet for lunch at the chow hall, but his office bought him pizza.  So I went home to take a nap since I wasn’t really hungry anyway.  Well, as I was walking home, I got this idea in my head that I could crochet SB a cross for a birthday present.  So I got home, pulled some yarn out of my tuff box and found an easy pattern online.  I had a cross crocheted in 45 minutes – just the amount of time I had at home.  So then I headed back to the band hall and attempted to do some supply work online – more uniform stuff had come in the mail for Soldiers and I needed to update the status online.  Well, the internet wasn’t working yesterday, so I couldn’t do anything and lots of my supply stuff is web-based.

Finally about 1430 or so I headed to Green Beans and got SB’s favorite drink – white mocha frappe.  I got one for myself as well, and a couple of cookies and I headed over to his office.  He was surprised to see me but was happy.  He thanked me for the drink and cookie and then I pulled the cross out of my pocket for him.  He loved it!  He couldn’t believe I had made it during my lunch hour and a half.  I have a picture of it, but it’s still on my camera so you’ll have to wait a day or 2 more to see it.  After we had visited for a while I headed back to the band hall to try and do my supply stuff.  Nope, the ineternet still wasn’t cooperating.  So I just counted down the minutes until I could do details and go home.

After dinner, I got a couple of hours of crocheting in while watching the first 4 episodes of Season 1 of M*A*S*H.  It sure was nice to just sit and relax for a change.

This morning was another rush around because I got up late kind of morning.  At least I made it to the chow hall for breakfast, so that’s always a good thing.  After formation, we had our monthly urinalysis and I had been selected to be one of the donors.  So I drank some water (like a whole 1 liter bottle) and was soon able to produce my sample.  Of course, after that I was running to the port-a-potty down the street every 20 minutes or so because I had drank so much so fast and our latrine was off limits due to the test.  The morning went by pretty quickly getting caught up on e-mails that I couldn’t do yesterday.  Then after lunch with a couple of friends from Joyful Noez (DG and NL), the fun began.  The mail clerks got back with the mail for the day, and they had a whole bag for me – all uniform orders!  So I spent the rest of the afternoon sorting those and opening them and making sure everything was correct.  Soldiers were happy to get their stuff they had ordered though, so that’s always a good thing.  And since the internet was working today, I was able to update the order status online.  Then we did details early before heading to our BN Chapel for a class on Fraternization and Inappropriate Relationships at 1600.  That lasted 1/2 hour and then we were done for the day!!

I headed back to my room and got to chat with Ryan for a while before heading to dinner.  After dinner I came back and showered and then relaxed with my crocheting and more M*A*S*H.  Now I’m chatting with Ryan again, and 

as well.  I’ll be heading to bed in a few minutes.

Today’s High:  109
Current:  99 (10:10 p.m.)

One thought on “Two days and still no playing

  1. Hey lady!!

    Now, before I send off my package to you…I’m assuming you can play dvd’s on your computer? And if so…email me with a few movie selections that you’d like to have there that you don’t.

    Big hugs and the last thing I was waiting for finally came in today. YAY!! But, I’ll wait to get your email before mailing off.

    Love ya!!

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