Utica Boilermaker 15K (Baghdad version)

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful parents and Happy Birthday to my awesome Grandpa!! I love you guys very much and I miss you all.

I was up at 0315 this morning and me and three others from the band left out about 0350 and headed to a neighboring camp for the Utica Boilermaker 15K race. The race started at 0500 and was a really nice course. It did run on gravel/dirt for part of it, but it wasn’t really too bad. And there was a nice tailwind on the return. It was an out-and-back course with a small loop at the far end, and we ran it twice for the 9.33 miles. I finished in 1:45:27 which isn’t really bad considering I haven’t really trained for it. But I’ve been doing enough running again lately that it was ok.

Once we got back to our camp and I had returned the vehicle I borrowed (from a fellow supply sgt), I took a quick shower and then I went back to bed. I slept until almost noon. Then I headed to the chow hall and got some food and then home to stitch for a little while. Our time off on Sundays is longer now, and we don’t have to go into work until 1500. That’s kind of nice. So after formation, we did weapons and instrument maintenance until 1600 and then details around the building. At 1700 we had a short class on how to use our tourniquets (should the need ever arise). Oh, I forgot. I got injured cleaning my weapon today. I needed to move the hammer out of the way so I could clean that area, so I pulled the trigger to pop the hammer up. Well, my middle finger on my left hand was a bit too close and the hammer got it and gave me a really nice blood blister. It doesn’t really hurt, but it’s pretty ugly looking.

Then it was home to change into PTs and I headed to the chapel for the service. Before the service I signed a couple of certificates and going-away gifts for 2 of our Joyful Noez members that this is their last Sunday. Then I took pictures during the service with my camera and another member’s. After the service we got everything put away and headed to the chow hall for dinner. It was there that we said our goodbyes to our sound guy Nigel. He’ll be heading home to Australia this week sometime. And then we headed to Green Beans, but I stopped at the band hall on the way and called Mom & Dad and Grandpa & Grandma. It was nice getting to talk to everyone, and I even got to talk to Aunt Carol as she was at grandma and grandpa’s. Once I got to Green Beans, I joined in on Combat Uno. It’s way more fun than regular Uno, but they kept yelling at me because of my fingernails. When someone plays a 9 you put your hand in the middle and the last one has to draw 2 cards. I kept managing to get people with my nails. At least no drinks got spilled this week like is the norm for us. Shortly after 2300, we called it a night and said our goodbyes to electric guitar player Lenny. He’s heading home to Alabama. Of course, my goodbye with him was put off a little bit, as he walked me home one last time.

Now it’s well after midnight and I need to get to bed.

Today’s High: 113
Current: 93


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