I tried to play

I slept through softball practice again this morning.  I will get back out there one of these days.  I barely made it to the chow hall on time to get breakfast.  And then after formation and getting hand receipts signed, I took my trombone out and went to my favorite practice spot to do some long tones.  I buzzed for a bit first, and then I buzzed with my mouthpiece.  Both of those went ok, but not spectacular.  Then I put my horn to my face and nothing.  It was like I was back in 7th grade again just learning how to play.  My wire/splint is making it like when I got braces and had to relearn how to play.  I could barely get a sound out.  So I guess I’ll keep buzzing off and on during the next days and try playing a little here and there and see how it goes.  Otherwise I’ll have to wait until Thursday and hopefully get the splint off.

The rest of the day was really long as the internet on our work computers was down so I wasn’t able to do the supply work I needed to do since it’s web-based.  I think the only thing productive I did this afternoon was to go pay for another month of internet for in my room.  Finally it was 1700 and time to do details and be done for the day.  I headed to dinner and then home for a shower and stitching.  I also chatted with Ryan and watched Robbie on the web cam.

I’m off to bed now to try and sleep off this headache I’ve had pretty much all day.

Today’s high:  I have no idea since I couldn’t get online to check
Current:  99 (9:25 p.m.)

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