Good news!!!

So after breakfast and formation this morning I went back to see the dentist since my profile against playing has expired and I wanted the dentist to give me an ok or not.  He checked everything out and he gave me the go-ahead to start playing again!  Of course, he told me to start out slow and not overdo it and if anything starts hurting to stop – all common sense stuff  to me, but it’s nice to hear it from someone else.  Yay!!!  Of course, I didn’t play today.  I did get a few supply projects I’ve been working on finished up – a filing system, hand receipts printed, etc.  It has been a productive week for my supply side of my job, but I sure have missed playing.  

After we had done details and were done for the day, I headed to the chow hall for dinner and then home.  I got a shower – and NO ONE else was in there!  That’s always a nice change.  Then I chatted with Ryan for a while and watched Robbie on the webcam and I stitched on Lady of the Flag for an hour.  Just before 8 I headed over to the room of one of the other female’s in the Battalion.  She gave me a pedicure and now my toes have pretty red nail polish on them again and my feet are happy!  

I’m off to bed as my alarm is going off REALLY EARLY – at 0310.  I’m running the Utica Boilermaker 15K tomorrow and the race starts at 0500 on a neighboring camp.  There are 3 other crazies from the Band running it as well and we’re leaving at 0345.  Stay tuned tomorrow for yet another race report!

Today’s High:  113
Current:  102 (9:55 p.m.)


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