I’m tired of it

Breakfast has become my favorite meal of the day.  I don’t have to cut my food into bite sized pieces at breakfast – except maybe a tiny bit of fruit.  But my other meals?  I’m tired of having to cut everything into pieces so I can eat it.  And I have almost 3 more weeks to go of doing that.  I had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch the other day.  I proceeded to cut it into bite sized pieces.  That’s getting old really fast.  Oh well – it’s with good reason.  I’m also tired of not being able to play.  I miss my trombone.  I miss Brass Quintet.  I miss Salsa Band.  I even miss Stage Band a little bit.  But mostly, I just miss playing.

So, what did I do today?  This morning we had a class on communication over at the Chapel with our Battalion Chaplain and Division Family Life Chaplain.  Chaplain Ramsey (Family Life CH) is a great teacher and he made the class fun, but I didn’t really learn anything new from it.  Once I got back to the band hall after the class I finished up a couple of projects I’ve been working on and then it was lunchtime.  After lunch I did a few more supply things and then decided I needed a break from my blah day so I went and chatted with my Chaplain Assistant buddy SB for a while.  It’s nice having someplace I can go when I need to get a way for a bit.  Then it was back to the band hall for a Bravo Team meeting to talk about who does whose NCOER’s and which NCO takes care of which Specialists.  After that, I worked on our supply filing system some more.  I should be able to finish that task up tomorrow and show our Filing Clerk how things go and start having him do some much-needed filing.  Our current system consists of various stacks of papers here and there in both my office and SSG E’s office.  We know where everything is, but it’s just not very neat or Army-like.

Tonight was Joyful Noez rehearsal, but I decided not to go.  They’ve started rotating the background vocalists and I’m not singing on Sunday.  I didn’t think I could handle being at rehearsal but not being a part of rehearsal – especially after already not being able to be part of rehearsals and gigs (my BQ has done 2 gigs since I’ve been out) for a week and a half.  So I took the night off and went to the chow hall with band people and listened to the primary BQ play.  They’ve got some pretty cool tunes in their book.  I stayed for a while and then headed home, stopping to pick up my laundry on the way.  I spent a nice relaxing even at home stitching on Lady of the Flag and chatting with Ryan and my friend A.

Today’s high:  111
Current:  97 (10:20 p.m.)

2 thoughts on “I’m tired of it

    • Thanks!! I go back to the dentist in the morning to get my fracture rechecked and my profile reevaluated. I might be able to start doing a little bit of playing tomorrow. We shall see!

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