Supply Day

I went for a 3.67 mile run this morning with NJ.  We finished in 37:29 – 31 seconds faster than Tuesday!  I didn’t look at my watch at all to see the pace and I think that might have been a good thing.  Of course, we did have about a 5-10 minute break when we stopped to assist a guy that collapsed right in front of us, most likely from very severe dehydration.  He fell flat on his face on the road (concrete) and NJ dragged him off the road into some shade and then a couple of others out doing PT stopped to help as well.  Someone brought us some water, and someone got a medic.  They got the guy into a vehicle to take him to the medical clinic.  He’s probably ok now, but I’m pretty sure he’s going to have a broken nose from falling like he did.  I’m glad we were there to help out right after it happened.  But boy was it scary.  NJ talked about it briefly at formation and told everyone to make sure they are drinking enough water.

After formation I did some stuff.  I really can’t remember what I did between formation and lunch.  Hmm. . . .  Ok.  Whatever.  After lunch I started getting our filing system put together and I started putting labels on Soldiers’ individual files and I made cover sheets for our inventory binders.  I have more to go tomorrow, but at least I finally have a good start.  Then at 1600, SSG C, the Supply Sergeant from one of the other companies from the Battalion picked me up and we went back to his office.  He showed me some stuff in PBUSE (the program we use for hand receipts and inventories and stuff) and I learned some really neat and useful things!  I also got some discrepancies fixed.  When I was done with my PBUSE lesson, he took me to dinner at one of the chow halls at Camp Striker, a neighboring camp.  It’s actually part of the same complex, but they’re individual camps.  It was a really nice chow hall, and about the size of both of ours here put together.  It was nice being able to eat and not be crowded.  Then we stopped at the PX out there – TONS more stuff than our little PX here and much better stocked.  I finally got a pillow, so I’m happy!  I can’t wait to see how it sleeps tonight – with its makeshift pillowcase on it.  I took one of my tan uniform t-shirts and slipped it over the pillow for now.  After the PX, we stopped by the band hall so I could sign back in and drop of my notebook and PBUSE paperwork, and then he brought me home.  It was a lot of fun and nice getting away for a little while and seeing more of our area.  Of course, learning more in PBUSE will only help me in my job as Supply NCOIC and it’s great being able to work with someone who knows stuff AND knows how to teach it.  

Off to bed now so I can get up and go run at 0530 again.

Maybe I’ll get some new pictures in the next day or so.

Today’s High:  109
Current:  97 (10:25 p.m.)

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