Camp Slayer 5K and a day off!

We had the day off today.  Like completely off.  Like I could have slept in as long as I wanted and I got to wear PTs all day kind of off.  So what do I do on my day off?  I get up early and go run a 5K.  LOL  It was fun like they always are, and this one was pretty scenic, too.  It was around one of Saddam’s man-made lakes and I got to see some new sights.  It was a little short at 2.95 miles (vs. 3.1) and I finished it in 30:15.  It didn’t start until 0700 so it was already starting to get warm.  During 5Ks, I usually don’t take in any fluids.  But I did today – they had 3 water stations and I got cups of water at the 2nd and 3rd ones.  

After I got back I enjoyed the rest of my day off (not that I didn’t enjoy the race).  I took a leisurely shower and then came back to my room.  I did stuff on the computer for a while and then I stitched some.  Then I was tired, so I took a 2 1/2 hour nap – right through lunch.  LOL  Then I stitched more in the afternoon, and I had 4 hours on 3 projects by the time I went to dinner with my friend SB, our bass player from Joyful Noez.  We had a nice talk during dinner and then he walked me home since it was dark out.  Once home, I stitched for another hour on project number 4 for the day.

I’d have to say that it was a very good day!

Here are the cross stitch projects I worked on today.

Kitty Cat Row by Bent Creek.  6.5 hours complete.

Seven Days of Creation by Plum Street Samplers.  112.5 hours complete.

Brave Hearts by Little House Needlework.  1.5 hours complete.  Yes, I know it doesn’t look like much so far – that’s the start of a roof, and a flag pole.

Time & Season Sampler by Moira Blackburn.  6 hours complete.

Today’s high:  108
Current:  93 (10:55 p.m.)


3 thoughts on “Camp Slayer 5K and a day off!

  1. Stitching

    Hey Lani Girl!

    After having to be on the computer all day at work I don’t get on much at home and I didn’t even know you are where you are! With all you’ve got to do and you’re still stitching!! Will be thinking of you!!!


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